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One of the best things about starting an online store is how quickly you can get it underway. You can be up and running within minutes! However, while it might be easy to get started, it’s not so easy to find success. That will, of course, take time.

One way that new store owners inadvertently hurt themselves is by failing to be as professional as they could be. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few essential tips that’ll nudge your professionalism in the right direction, which will help to inspire consumer trust.

A Clean Design

People make a lot of snap judgments, and that’s something that you’ll just need to accept. When they land on your website, they’ll have a sense of whether you’re the real deal or not within a few seconds. 

If you want to be sure you’re doing it right, you can always reach out to a web design company to make sure that you have a clean and modern design and a user-friendly staff. If you don’t have experience in creating websites, leave that part of your business to a company that knows how to do it right. Focus on your strengths, and bring in people to help in areas that aren’t your strength. This will not only help increase the likelihood of success for your business – but it will also help your stress levels.

All the Info

People are rightly dubious when it comes to online purchases. It is so easy to get ripped off. And if a customer has any doubts, then they won’t hand over their credit card. One way you can put their mind at ease is by making sure your company is easily accessible. Have all of your company’s contact information easily available and findable on your website.

If customers know that they can get in touch with you via email, phone, social media, or even a mailing address, then they’ll be a lot more willing to hit the ‘buy’ button. It’s so simple to do, so make sure that you do it and keep customers at ease.

Postage and Packaging

Some store owners seem to think that their job is complete the second they receive that order. But that’s not true – that’s just one step of many. After all, you’re trying to build repeat customers, and that means that they need to be impressed by what they receive.

Instead of mailing products in any old packaging, look at investing in high-quality shipping mailers, and use a label-printer to stick the address on the front. You may also consider including a sweet note or a small gift in the packaging. With cute packaging, they are likely to share your products and repurchase them. After all, this is why unboxings are so popular on social media.

Handling Problems

It’s pretty easy to be professional when everything’s going well. The challenge is when you’re presented with a problem. How do you respond then? As a default rule, you shouldn’t argue with the customer, and instead, just focus on rectifying whatever the problem is. It’s the best way to build customer satisfaction. The customer isn’t always right… but they are usually right.

Going the Extra Mile 

Finally, you can up your professionalism by going the extra mile, and always looking at ways in which you can improve and be better. With that attitude, you’ll never fall too far behind your customer’s expectations – indeed, you’ll be likely to exceed them, and that’ll be great for business. 

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Alyson Pittman is a contributing writer for WBD and a JR marketing associate for Excite Creative Studios, an Atlanta-based creative agency.

Alyson graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. She was in multiple organizations at KSU where she held leadership positions. As a part of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Alyson held the Social Coordinator position and planned/promoted large events.


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