How To Increase Your Business Productivity in the Workplace

Increase your Business Productivity

Every business will have periods when their staff seem to have had enough collectively. It could be when it is an exceptionally beautiful day, or maybe there is some game playing that they cannot see. The trick as a business owner is to pull them out of these lulls and motivate them. To increase your business productivity, this will take some special interpersonal skills on your part.

If you want motivated staff, you have to lead by example; let them know that they are valued and an integral part of the business. Let’s face it; they are essential. What is a business without its staff? With that in mind here are some ideas on how to increase your business productivity:

Do you have the best tools and equipment?

Your staff could be doing a fantastic job, but productivity is still down because you have not invested in new tools and equipment. In some businesses, your excellent staff is concerned with figuring out a workaround in computer systems and dealing with a whole range of problems. If there were no problems, you could be earning a lot more profit. 

It is time you went around the office or workplace and did a thorough analysis and worked out how you could improve things. There are brand new communication devices and software such as Hosted VoIP, which could make your business run much more smoothly. Do research, get advice, and invest in relevant upgrades.

Invest in the staff

As a manager or business owner, it may be an idea to get to know your staff. Try and learn their names. Clearly, the larger the organization is, the more difficult it will be, but you can try. It is an excellent course of action to have regular team meetings, where all or a group sit with you to discuss future actions and improvements. 

Ask the staff for their opinion and listen. If you want your ear to the ground look no further, they will have a whole range of ideas you will never think of being too far up the chain. It may be in your best interest to make changes off the back of these discussions so inform staff. 

The more emotionally invested they are, the more they will want to produce. Invest in training for them, and keep them in the loop. Upgrade their workstations and offer incentives. It would help if you treated them like your family. After all, they are looking after your interests.

The little things

Ensure that your office or workspace has creature comforts, such as tea and coffee for all, as well as free fruit, too. Set up several water stations and give staff reusable cups. Put potted plants on the desk and dotted about too as plants increase mood and positivity. They also detoxify the air. Have decent toilets too, cubicles with doors and walls from ceiling to floor; it will feel more private for the individual. 

The staff will appreciate this. You could give your employees little treats every now and again as this will boost mood and motivation. You have to be seen as caring. 

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