7 Beautiful Ideas for Your Home if You Love Fresh Flowers

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It’s hard not to smile when you see fresh flowers. They make people happy and never go out of style. You are likely going to find flowers in most homes for that reason.

Flowers bring life to a home, offering delicate beauty and amazing colors. The good news is that you do not need arranging skills or to create complex arrangements of flowers to decorate your home.

The secret is to ensure that you have used flowers to enhance your home’s beauty. Flowers are also versatile, meaning that you can move them from one room to another. 

Here are a few beautiful ideas for your home if you love fresh flowers.

Use a Single Color

Some people spend time struggling with complex color arrangements when decorating their homes with fresh flowers. They do not know that simplicity is also beautiful. You can, therefore, get a single color and stick with it.

For instance, you can get white peonies and roses and display them on your dining table. This is a beautiful yet very simple idea that will make your home beautiful. You can use pebbles to add some texture and create an amazing display.

Treat Yourself to a Flower Subscription

Getting fresh flowers is not easy for some people. They have to move from one grocery store to another or even shop at some of the large retail stores that offer fresh flowers. In addition, fresh flower prices might be out of reach for some people.

Instead of worrying about where to shop for fresh flowers or spending too much money on them, you can get a flower subscription and save up by subscribing to Bouqs. Here, you will be guaranteed farm fresh flowers and free shipping. You can even pick your frequency, ranging from weekly to monthly.

Decorate With Opposite Colors

Even though we said that you can pick a single color and stick to it, you can also consider using opposite colors. This allows you to come up with an amazing display using contrasting flower colors.

For instance, if you love purple flowers, you can consider combining them with yellow flowers. Decorating with purple is easy. When combining colors, ensure that you have picked a combination that works and makes your home more beautiful.

Hang Flowers in Suspended Bottles

Most people assume that they have to put flowers in vases or make them centerpieces for them to serve their purpose. Well, how about thinking outside the box and trying to find unique places where you can display your fresh flowers?

For instance, have you ever thought about hanging flowers in suspended bottles? This is something you can rarely find in most homes. If you think that this idea is good, get an area in your house that is open and easily reachable. 

Create a Floral Centerpiece

Some people wait until the holidays when they have relatives visiting for dinner to have a floral centerpiece for their dining or even kitchen tables. Why do this yet creating a floral centerpiece is one of the best home decoration ideas anyone can use?

You can get simple fresh flowers, of any color that matches your home decor, and then put them inside a pickling jar. Place them at the center of your kitchen or dining table.

Use Them in Your Bathroom

Fresh flowers are not used for living room, kitchen, and bedroom decorations only. They can also be used to decorate your vanity spaces and bathrooms. This brings these spaces back to life instead of having them remain dull all the time.

However, avoid using tall vases or long-stemmed fresh flowers for your bathrooms. Instead, you can cut the flowers to just a few inches in height. Use a vanity tray or a jar to improve the display. This might make you spend more time in your bathroom than usual! 

Create Floating Florals

Since you are decorating with fresh flowers, you might find yourself in a situation where they start to wilt. Should you throw them away or not? You can still cut off flower heads and then place them in a bowl with water.

This is also a decoration idea even for those whose flowers have not started to wilt. Apart from giving your fresh flowers a longer life, you will also decorate your home. These water bowls look romantic on a table at night with candles around them.

You can make your home more beautiful using fresh flowers. Even though some people assume that it is difficult, the ideas discussed above are not only beautiful but also DIY. 

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