Where Does Productivity Lag In Your Business?


Productivity is something we can debate about for hours, but it’s definitely core to most of the business models that exist. When you’re productive, you get the work done, and you do it to the highest quality you’re capable of. It means you have a great environment around you, and few stressors during the work day, and that you’re perfectly capable of staying on task and handling whatever the job throws at you. And when you’re a trained professional, that’s a pretty high standard to reach! 

So, let’s try and make sure your business is focusing on increasing productivity, and your employees’ capability for it. A few training programs here, a bit of new software there, and the tips below to help you find where productivity really does lag the most. 

In the Break Room

No, you’re not going to have to get rid of it –  that definitely wouldn’t please your employees (or the law either!). Instead, you need to focus on how a break room might just sap out a bit more of your workforce’s energy, seeing as it can be a mental gymnastics room. There’s a lot someone can get up to in there, and it won’t always be a relaxing activity either! 

Instead of plugging in a TV screen, to let your employees sit down and catch up on a bit of daytime TV content, why not just put a radio in there instead? Music is something the brain loves to listen to, as we’re all instinctively tuned to rhythm, and a good tune or two might just hype someone up for the rest of the afternoon. 

In Your IT Department

That is if you don’t have one, which a lot of small businesses don’t! A lot of startups like to forgo the need for IT experts completely, as we’re all quite technologically minded these days, and dealing with broken equipment and network issues seem like part of the territory. But slow software and faulty hardware will never create a good business foundation! 

As in reality, the longer you spend trying to get a printer to connect to your computer, or to work out why the website is down for customers in Europe but not in America, the less productive you’re going to be. You’re not going to be able to focus on the tasks that are actually at hand, like your investor inquiry emails or your customer service issues. In truth, you’re wasting your time and energy, and you’re going to delay the business operations that need resolving ASAP. 

Productivity in your business might be lagging in certain areas, and it’s time to identify the worst offenders. Even when we’re only productive and focused for a few hours per day, we’re going to need the right environment and equipment on hand to make sure we can actually do our best! 

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