4 Signs That You Genuinely Value Your Employees

Value Your Employees

You’re a great boss and a fantastic entrepreneur. Your vision, knowledge, experience, and guidance have helped to forge a brand that resonates with your customers and endures even as your competitors rise and fall. While you humbly accept that you have been the driving force behind your business’ success, it’s the day to day efforts of your employees that have truly made it all happen. If you genuinely value your employees, it will show back in their work and increase overall job satisfaction.

While you may take your attitude for granted, many business owners don’t treat their employees with anywhere near as much care, respect, and nurturing support that you offer. 

That’s why your team is so happy to stay with you and grow with your business. It is why you won’t need to worry about the myriad costs that come with high employee turnover. A happy workforce is a strong indicator of a healthy business. So, if there was any doubt in your mind, here are some of the telling signs that you genuinely value your employees, and that they love you for it.

You have the infrastructure in place to prevent excess stress.

A little stress can be a good thing. It can shake employees out of apathy and create challenges to which they can rise, applying their skills and training with aplomb. However, too much stress can make employees feel lost and out of their depth. But when this kind of stress occurs, it’s often a result of poor resource management. 

You could use enterprise resource management services like itelligence to ensure that employees are supported and never feel out of their depth.

You understand the importance of recognition as well as reward.

All too often, businesses throw money at their employees and expect this to be enough to keep them motivated and satisfied at work. While employees certainly appreciate rewards, recognition can be much more meaningful. Pay attention to your employees and what motivates them.

A simple and sincere “thank you” speaks volumes, but not all managers and business owners take the time to say it. Handwritten notes are also a great way to show your appreciation. You, however, not only take the time to say thank you for a job well done, you’ve initiated an employee recognition program that allows employees to congratulate one another while also allowing you to share their accomplishments with the entire workforce. 

You’re invested in their training and development.

A great boss is one who actively wants their employees to keep learning and growing. They don’t want to confine their relationship with their employees to one job. Instead, they want to nurture them throughout their career progression, helping to direct them towards new opportunities and prepare for them accordingly. That’s why you make training and development an ongoing part of every employees’ journey rather than expecting all their learning to take place on the job.

Your door is always open to them.

Finally, you’re not the kind of boss who locks herself away in her ivory tower out of the reach of her employees. Your employees know that your door is always open and that you will always make yourself available to them when they need you. 

All of this is what makes your employees rally around you. They then will take your business and brand to new heights. 

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