Top Tips To Help New Employees Succeed From Day One

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Making sure you’ve hired the right employees is one thing, but motivating all of these new hires to succeed from day one is a completely different challenge.

Most companies now offer an on-boarding process to all their new recruits, but most of these are failing to hit the mark. To ensure that all of your new employees succeed from day one, you should follow these great tips!

Offer Them A Warm Welcome

If your new hires feel like they have joined a new family rather than a corporate team, they will find it a lot quicker to settle into their new roles. So, it’s important that you encourage everyone in your company, including all the top managers, to offer each new hire a personal welcome. You might even want to brainstorm with all your current employees about ways that the company could improve the first week for new employees. They can think back to their own first week and try to come up with things that would have improved it.

Show Them The Core Of The Company First

Rather than starting to train them in their own position first, you should take them through the main parts of the company. This will show them how they fit into the business and why their contribution really matters. That’s a very easy way to build motivation. Once the new hires are very familiar with your business, you should work together with a firm like DecisionWise to help you train them in their day to day responsibilities. You will find that outsourcing your training in this way will save you and your other employees a lot of time.

Set Up A Buddy System

A buddy system is a great way to help new hires instantly feel part of your corporate family. And it’s really easy to set up! You just need to allocate one new employee a buddy – this should be someone who works in the same department as them who has been working with the company for over a year. This then gives the newbie a point of contact during their first few weeks. Whenever they have a question or run into a problem, they can reach out to their buddy for advice.

Show Off The Company Culture As Soon As Possible

It’s super necessary to immerse your new workers into the office and company culture so that they see all the great things that come with their new job. Not only will this show them that they made the right choice accepting the job offer, but it will also help them feel like a very valuable part of the team. One way to do this is to organize some after-work drinks to finish off their first week with your company. This is a great reward for getting to the end of the week, but it also gives them the chance to meet and mingle with all of their colleagues.

As you can see, ensuring your new hires succeed from day one is a piece of cake!


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