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There’s a stage of applying for jobs that is incredibly dull. While you can read as much advice as you want about crafting the perfect resumé or a sparkling cover letter that no recruiter will be able to overlook… it’s still not an enjoyable task. This is especially true if you’re doing it over and over again in the midst of many applications. Standing out as an applicant is tough.

The problem with this kind of application is that it’s not just dull for you – it’s dull for the person reading all the submissions, too. The one thing that can make the difference between being ignored and being interviewed is your ability to stand out in the midst of all these basic applications.

So why not put your resumé online? Not literally, of course – that would be just as dull and wouldn’t showcase anything new. But a version of your resumé, with all the same information, could help you turn the application process into something more simple and streamlined. There’s plenty of other benefits too, so if you’re curious as to how it works, then read on.

Step One: Create A Website

You can either create a site yourself or, if you’re skilled with web development, then you could hire someone to do it for you. It’ll be time or money well spent either way; this is your chance to shine and stand out from all the other candidates.

The site should include everything that you’d usually put on your resumé, ideally broken down into easy-to-read categories. You also have the ability to talk more about yourself, your experience, your motivations, and all the other things a recruiter might be interested in.

Add a few pictures, too – though of course, keep it professional!

Step Two: Contact Information

If someone likes what they see, then you want them to be able to contact you. Make sure it’s easy to do so from the site itself with a contact form, as well as supplying details for phone and email.

Step Three: Use A Custom Domain Name

If possible, use – keep it very simple and straightforward.

Step Four: Use It For Applications

The next time you apply for a job, you might be asked to attach a copy of your resumé. Or you’ll be using an online platform that just wants you to fill it out. You’re still going to have to do this; there’s no getting around it. However, you can now keep it basic, and then insert the link to your site.

Being able to link to your own site will make a big impact on recruiters. You’ve taken this seriously, have crafted something unique, and have used your imagination. These are all attributes that recruiters look for in their candidates.

Step Five: Use It For Networking

Get the web address printed on your business cards; add it to your Twitter account and Facebook. You could even look into writing a short blog for the site, using SEO to bring potential recruiters to your site that you haven’t contacted first. It’s a permanent advertisement of your talents and it can help jazz up current applications – what more could you ask for?



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