What Small Businesses Should Know About Managed IT Services

Reducing Downtime

If you run a small business, you’ll always be looking for ways to save time and money. Most business activities take place on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices now, so it’s important to have a good setup IT network to make work efficient. If you’re on a budget, it might seem wise to manage your own IT, but can managed IT services be worthwhile for a small business?

Predictable Expenses

If you use a managed IT service on a monthly subscription basis, you have the advantage of knowing exactly what your IT will cost you every month, and when the payment needs to be made. If you’re running your own IT, it can be harder to predict what costs will be required and when. Making impromptu repairs and calling in outside help on-demand can be expensive, and hit you with surprise costs. With planned services, you can plan your finances and budget accordingly, as you’ll know exactly what your IT costs.

Cheaper IT Support

For a small business, it’s likely that using an outside IT service is going to be cheaper than hiring an in-house IT team. Outside help also absorbs less time and staff resources from your company. Having a scheduled service can also work out cheaper in the long run than paying for on-demand help when you need it.


Hiring in-house specialist help can be expensive, as expertise doesn’t come cheap. If you and your management are lacking in specialist IT skills and knowledge, this can make it harder for your company to grow.

With IT services, you have access to an IT expert whenever you need it, without having to recruit and hire a professional yourself. Whenever you need help, you’ll be able to call on someone with expert knowledge.

Your network will also be continuously monitored by experts and will be maintained without you having to do anything. You’ll get peace of mind, and time to focus on other business needs instead.

More Uptime

IT downtime over an extended period can be a disaster for a small business, with a major impact on productivity.

If you outsource to an IT agency, they’ll be monitoring and maintaining all the time. This means they can identify and fix any problems quickly, massively reducing the amount of possible downtime. This means you can keep working without interruption.

Up-To-Date Software And Tech

Software developments can happen quickly, and it can become very expensive to try and keep up to date with the latest technology. Without upgrades, your company can end up without of date technology very quickly.

Using an MSP means you get access to the latest options for software and other tech. Your staff will be able to keep using the best options available, without you having to pay for it. Your MSP will also be able to speak to any software or hardware providers on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to handle technical discussions that you don’t really understand.

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