8 Millennial Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World of Tech

millennial female entrepreneurs

When it comes to the world of technology, we all know that women are underrepresented in this male-dominated industry. However, there are a number of women who are both making their mark in the tech industry as well as working to transform it altogether. Let’s take a look at eight millennial female entrepreneurs who have a huge impact in the tech world!

laura-borel Laura Borel
A woman with a passion for helping children lose weight and stay as healthy and happy as possible, Borel designed an app (Nutrivise which was acquired by Jawbone) that delivers specialized meal plans to help users (children as well as adults) make smart food choices.

rebecca-garcia Rebecca Garcia
A coder, community development specialist, and educator at Squarespace by day, Garcia runs the New York chapter nonprofit organization CoderDogo. She holds workshops with hundreds of youths every month to help teach tech skills like game and app development.

sara-haider Sara Haider
Haider was the lead engineer of the Android team for Secret, a social network platform that connects you to your friends in a way that allows you to share things anonymously and honestly.

ching-yu-hu Ching-Yu Hu
Hu, along with three colleagues, created a business, Terra Bella, that focused on sending small satellites into space in order to map Earth (kind of like how Google maps the internet). The business was successful, and information gathered from it will be used to help monitor crops, assess deforestation, and even refugee camps. Google acquired the company in June 2014.

vanessa-hurst Vanessa Hurst
The CEO and founder of CodeMontage, Hurst has connected thousands of coders and aspiring coders with coding projects being run by nonprofit organizations. This accomplishes two things: it teaches women how to code in a judgment free and low cost environment, and it also helps nonprofits gain more recognition as well as coding help for a low cost.

samantha-john Samantha John
While an engineer at Pivotal Labs in New York City, Samantha taught multiple programming classes to beginners. Today, she is the co-founder of Hopscotch, an app for the iPad that helps children get an easy start with coding via interactive software.

nikki-kaufman Nikki Kaufman
The founder of Normal, a service that creates custom earbuds based on pictures of your ear (taken via her app), Kaufman is one of the first to make 3-D printing a viable and successful business model.

Michelle Phan Michelle Phan
One of the co-founders of Ipsy.com, a social networking site that focuses on beauty products, Phan has found success both in her social network platform, her lifestyle network for women known as FAWN, and even her own makeup line.

We hope this list gives you some motivation to follow that passion!

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