4 Steps in Hiring a Great Executive Assistant

Great executive assistants are not just mere assistants. They can be classified as partners to the managers they work with. They get to a point where they understand the executives very well, from their priorities, likes, and dislikes. 

In a nutshell, great executive assistants know everything they can do to make their bosses happy and look good. When getting an executive assistant, you need to make sure that you get one who is ready to evolve and expand as their roles do.

This makes this role quite critical. You need a person with great initiative, one who does not think like other administrative personnel, and a person who implements amazing strategies to streamline the jobs of their executives.

However, most executives do not know how to hire great executive assistants. Here are some of the steps to follow when hiring executive assistants;

Avoid Using Traditional Recruiters

This is where most people fail when hiring executive assistants. The first important thing to note when looking for an executive assistant is the fact that their roles are quite different from those of other employees in a company. They can easily make a company fail.

There are many problems with using a traditional recruiter to hire your executive assistant. To start with, most recruiters are not specialized in hiring executive assistants. This is because most of them recruit for the hire-end positions because of the commission they make from such positions.

In addition, the traditional recruiters use old-fashioned and flawed methods when hiring executive assistants. This, most of the time gets people who are not qualified for the job or people who are not ready to adapt to the requirements of the job.

Create an Outstanding Job Description

You need to make sure that every person interested in applying for the job knows exactly what you are looking for. This is important in helping you attract qualified candidates who can fill the position without any problems.

To start with, you need to detail everything that the executive assistant will be required to do. Will they manage the executive’s calendars, schedule meetings, coordinate projects, prepare data and financial reports, or screen calls?

Ensure that the job description is not only detailed but also clear for everyone to understand. You also need to list all the skills that you need from your potential executive assistant. This will ensure that you get the right executive assistant.

Narrow Down Applicants and Prepare for Interviews

Creating an amazing job description and sharing it does not mean that you should now sit and wait for applicants to send their resumes. You need to closely monitor the recruitment process and evaluate the quality of applications that you get.

Before the expiry of the days of application, start going through the cover letters and resumes that you have already received.

This is because you will get thousands of them but only a few will meet your requirements. You, therefore, need to eliminate those that lack the attributes and skills you need for the job.

You also need to create some time to prepare for the interviews a few days before you invite the candidates for interviews.

This is because the person you get for the job will work closely with you and you need to ensure that they are the right fit for the job. Ensure that you get the best answers to all questions that you ask.

Check References and Make a Good Choice

One of the most important parts when it comes to any job is the reference section of your potential employees. 

Even though most top candidates get a lot of offers and find the evaluation process unnecessary, you need to ensure that you are getting reliable information from your candidates’ former employers. This will help you confirm what the candidates say and what they can do.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you are not driven by a certain character or skill when making your choice. Even though it is difficult, make a choice that resonates well with the culture of your company and what the company stands for even when hiring for other positions. This will be important when it comes to creating loyal employees.


An executive assistant is very important when it comes to the success of a company especially because of the work they do for their bosses. Following the steps discussed above will ensure that you get a great one for yourself and your company.

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