5 Tips on Preparing Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

Road Trip

There’s nothing better than hitting the road for a Summer road trip. The windows down, cool air blowing through your hair, your favorite tunes blasting in your ears and the fact that you know you’ve left all your worries behind. Your car is your new best friend and whether you’re alone, with friends or your family, a road trip is exactly what you need. So, how do you avoid the worst- car trouble? Here’s how to get your car prepared for long journeys.

Get Things Checked

Of course, there are things you can easily check yourself. It’s simple enough to lift the hood of a car and check the oil levels, water levels and top up on your screen wash. It’s even easy to check your tire pressure and tread. You can replace tires yourself if they need replacing before your trip. However, there may be things you’re unable to check yourself. It may be because you haven’t got the knowledge of a mechanic or it may just be because your car is built awkwardly and it has to go to the manufacturer for simple things, like a brake light change. Getting your car checked will avoid any nasty surprises while you’re traveling.

Do Some Research

You may find that your car needs a few things before you head off. Perhaps you need a new part that may eat into your road trip funds. You may want to look for second-hand parts, like generators for sale on local sell pages. You may also want to research the type of terrain you are driving through. This is especially true if you intend on driving your car to a different country. The last thing you want is to come across terrain you weren’t prepared for and pop a tire or smash your windscreen.

Read Your Manual

The percentage of people that actually read their car’s manual is shockingly low. However, this little booklet could be of massive help when you’re preparing for a road trip. For example, your manual will be able to tell you how much weight the car can safely carry without there being a problem. So, if you intend on taking heavy suitcases with you, you’ll need to know the weight limits of your car before over packing. Don’t save reading your manual for when you’re in an emergency.

Pack Some Essentials

Packing a few car essentials could really help while you’re traveling. If you get into a spot of bother, packing things like a first aid kit, tire gauge and jumper cables could make your trip a whole lot easier. If you do break down, having the ability to just get your car to a nearby garage will take a weight off your mind. You could also pack a utility knife, tow strap, and duct tape.

Car Insurance Policy

Before you head off on your trip, it’s important to check and double check your car insurance policy. Make sure you’re covered away from home and in foreign countries.


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