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There is no denying that what you wear at work matters. However, most companies have come a long way since the introduction of business suits. In fact, you’ll find it difficult to work as a professional expert in an office that still values business suits and tie. Indeed, while you should dress for success, the official workwear has evolved greatly. IN fact, when you think about it, even Mark Zuckerberg’s work outfit is casual. He is often seen with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but that has never stopped him from achieving great success. Another example of new workwear style is Steve Jobs, who loved nothing more than a simple black roll neck and a pair of jeans. In other words, you’ve got a lot more freedom in defining your professional style than the previous generations. However what you wear will still influence how others perceive you, which means that casual style shouldn’t get too casual, if you get my meaning. Ultimate, as a woman in the workplace, you have three main styles to play with, which gives you an infinity of combinations to fit every day’s purposes. Whether you need to make an impression on a client, or whether you’re trying to fix a backup issue, wearing the best clothes for the job can make you feel more confident and boost your performance.

The femme fatale

Despite being an eternal cliché in the world of fashion, the femme fatale is also an essential part of your business outfit. Indeed, it’s a character that is always associated with high self-confidence. What’s the first image that pops into your mind when you hear about femme fatale? Like most people, you probably picture a woman walking confidently on a pair of high heels, in a tight dress. She’s aware of her charms, and more importantly, she’s aware of how she can affect others. That’s precisely the combination of self-awareness and negotiation power that she uses to get what she wants. You might want to forget some of the clichés, but ultimately, your femme fatale outfit is there to give you the boost of confidence you need when you approach shareholders, business managers, and investors. To make it work, you need to start with the basics, namely getting a pair of high heels that work for you. Remember that heels are part of the femme fatale look, and they are the best symbol of confidence you can find. Consequently, they need to fit you perfectly. You wouldn’t feel in control with a pair of shoes that hurt your feet. That’s precisely why you need to choose them carefully. The first question you need to ask yourself as you try them in the shop is whether you’ll be able to walk in them. What this means is that you need to be honest with yourself. High heels don’t have to be super high to create the expected effect, so value comfort over height. Then, naturally, you need to accept that quality has a price. However, don’t break the bank for a pair of heels. You can always find cheaper in another shop or look for a good deal online.

Another typical element in the femme fatale outfit is the pencil skirt that is tight around the hips and emphasizes your womanly figure, without stopping your movements. Remember that this persona is proud to be a woman, and uses her charms to her advantage. Consequently, you shouldn’t shy away from showing off your curves in the workplace. Pencil skirts are part of your traditional office wear, but thankfully you can find plenty of playful designs to brighten up your skirt outfit. From trimmed lace at the bottom to elegantly pleated flap, your pencil skirt doesn’t have to be black and dull. It can be fun because no femme fatale is boring.

Finally, don’t forget the essential look: Bold red or pink lipstick and long hair, it’s all you need to shine and impress. It’s a look that makes you feel in charge.


The trendy business geek

The business geek might be overlooked at first, but it’s the stapled outfit for the expert with specialist skills. Contrary to the femme fatale, your main attributes are entirely knowledge-related. You know your topic by heart and better than anyone else, and that’s precisely what your style shows.

You’ll find most professional geeks with short haircuts that are stylish without being difficult to maintain. Ultimately, it’s a way of freeing up the time to focus on what matters most, aka solving problems and gathering data to support informed and effective decisions. You are indispensable and respected by all senior business colleagues. But, as you work in a solitary environment, you dress for comfort over sex appeal. Consequently, your preferred workwear is a pair of trousers, preferably skinny, that you can easily combine with anything. Your simplicity is your elegance. When it comes to shoes, you value comfort again and tend to pick boots that are easy to slip in. Ultimately your style lets you be active when you need, and works best for jobs that demands a lot of concentration.

The imaginative creative

Finally, if you work in a creative branch, your style defines your personality. You often like a touch of hippie in your clothes, as it’s your way to demark yourself from the rest of the office team. You need to look different, because you have to think differently, as part of your job. For the bravest creatives, the desire to cultivate an uncommon look might even inspire bright and bold hairstyles, with pink, blue or green hair. As surprising as it might sound, you need a creative mind to rock an adventurous hairstyle, and that’s precisely why it works for you. Your colleagues are used to your style experimentations so that they only express surprise when you arrive in a morning with a traditional hairstyle. Finally, you make your environment part of your style too, insisting on working on an inspiring desk. From beautifully shaped desks to imaginative up-cycling, your office space looks like nothing else. But that’s precisely what you need to find ideas that no one else has had before.

So, which style is best suited to your job?

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