Women in Construction: It’s Happening!

Gone are the days when construction work was just a boys club. Gone are the days when women were there only to provide their big, burly builders with cups and tea and coffee. No, today more women than ever before are entering the construction industry, and more and more women are finding real success in it!

To see just how the women of today are making their mark in the world of construction, make sure to read on.

The numbers don’t lie

The numbers are not lying: yes, construction is still dominated by men, but it is not dominated fully. You see, 14% of all construction workers are now said to be women, and a whopping 37% of new entrants into the contribution industry are said to be women, and these numbers are phonemail when you take old stereotypes into consideration. So, if you’re a woman interested in joining a constructive constructing workforce, then don’t be afraid because you’re not alone!

The ways in which the field of construction is benefiting

The field and industry of construction is benefiting greatly from the woman’s touch, and it is benefiting in many areas. It is benefiting in regards to on-site and practical roles because women are renowned for being far better at spotting little details than their male counterparts. And, it is benefiting backstage, too, as construction office environments are now less intimidating and more open than they used to be.

The ways in which women are benefiting

Both personally and collectively, women are benefiting from the breaking down of gender barriers in the construction industry. Personally, women are learning all sorts of new skills that their mothers and their grandmothers would never have dreamed of learning. This includes learning how to cut sheet metal and use a sheet metal cutting machine, such as those found at http://prototekmanufacturing.com/cnc-machining.php, as well as learning how different architectural designs work and how they are brought to life. And, collectively, women are benefiting from entering the construction industry because it lays out a distinct challenge to other women to chase their dreams, no matter who tries to confine them to a specific gender role.

How to get into the construction industry

If you want to see and experience what it’s like in the construction industry, then why not devote your time in order to do so? In order to do so, there are plenty of options: there are internship and apprenticeship options that offer earn while you learn initiatives, there are degree options and there are further qualifications out there to be obtained.

If you take anything away from this article, let is be this: if you are a woman, and you like constructing things, then turn your passion into a profession and enter the construction industry!

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