Planning a Product Launch Event Like a Pro


If you have a new product coming to market, or a new business ready to launch, then planning a launch event can be a pretty smart marketing move. You might be thinking that as a small business owner that hasn’t done this before, you might need some experience in order for it to go well. But with a few tips and tricks, you can easily pull off a launch even if you’ve never done so before. It can help your sales be on track, attract new customers, and get the buzz around your new business or product to be a good one. So here are some things you could be thinking about.

Choose a Style

The style of the launch will depend on you, your business, and the product itself. If it is a product aimed at teens, for example, you’d keep it fairly casual and fun, rather than having a formal sit down dinner. However, for the right product, the latter may be completely appropriate. So think about your target audience and what they might enjoy. Even if your target audience won’t all be there, it can help suppliers and potential buyers buy into your vision and see how you want things to be.

Choose a Venue

Along the same lines as the style, you need to choose a venue that will give a wow factor and will fit in with your product and the kind of launch that you’re looking to have. A gaming launch could be suited well in an arcade or in an area of a department store that you can book out. Just think outside the box and get a little creative. You want it to get people talking and it certainly will if it has the right venue.

Event Entertainment

Again, think of your product and what might work best. You might want to keep things simple and go down the networking with drinks and dinner route. You could go for dancers, acrobats, a DJ, and even a cocktail-making session, for example. Choose something that people will enjoy, remember, and is related in some way to your product and target audience.

Food and Drink

In order to get people in the industry to come to your launch event, then there needs to be something in it for them. Food and drink is a great way to get people there, as well as a good way to help them to enjoy the evening. So think carefully about the choice and style of food and drink that you will be serving.

Goodie Bag

If you are inviting influencers, experts in the industry, and potential buyers, then giving them something to go away and sample is a great way to get the customers and exposure that you want. So think about making room in the budget for some goodies to give away at the end of the event, for the attendees.


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