Little Fixes to Stand Out in Business, Increase Productivity

Every founder and CEO wants their business to stand out as much as possible. But you can have all the flashing lights and cool gadgets you wish, but if the basics aren’t covered it appears too much like you went for style over substance.

Getting the basics down in the office can help innumerably with the day-to-day operations of your company. They may seem like small issues, but these same problems can quickly snowball into something much more significant. Typically, they will come without warning, and you will be left drifting up the creek paddleless.


The lighting in your office is one of the most critical features for promoting a thriving working environment. While at first, you may have thought that any old lights will do, it is essential to consider the effect that particular lighting has on employee productivity.

High-powered lights can quickly cause a lack of concentration and sensory overload for those who work around your office. Furthermore, on the other end of the spectrum, an office where the lights are far too dim can cause drowsiness and exhaustion. Neither of these is beneficial to ensuring your office remains the well-oiled machine you had always envisioned.

Instead, consider investing in lights that will keep your employees alert throughout the day, but don’t get them too wired that they get all fidgety at their desks. It’s a case of the Goldilocks syndrome; it needs to be just right.


The type of furniture you have in your office will also affect on how both employees and potential visiting clients will consider your business. For employees, chairs that are too small or awkwardly designed will cause discomfort, which will affect their work. When it comes to investors and customers, having comfortable furniture will show them that you care about how they perceive your office, and make it a more welcoming area.

This is particularly true if you have a waiting area. Too many offices believe that the hospital or dentist’s waiting room is a template for being good enough. But you don’t want to be good enough; you want to be the best. Bucking the trend of tried and tired waiting room arrangements by Investing in quality furniture, will benefit outsiders when coming into your office will leave them happy, and bring you excellent benefits as well.


Have you ever walked into an office or any building, in fact, and just felt overwhelmed? There seems to be too much going on and walking one way makes you feel like you’ll never find your way out again.

This can be disorienting to those who are unfamiliar with your office. A poorly laid out office can lead to confusion and wasted time if it takes too long to manoeuvre and meander through a maze of desks and chairs. Taking the time one afternoon, or even a weekend, to rearrange the layout will give the office a fresh look, as well as perhaps taking advantage of all that wasted space you never realized you had before.

The little fixes are just that: little. But that is not to say they are any less important than changing up marketing campaigns or promoting a positive working environment. Starting with the small changes can have a quick and refreshing effect on your office, which will then give you the impetus to start thinking about how you can make big adjustments, too.

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