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When you set up a business, you tend to start out from home, getting ready to launch and testing the waters with your new products and services. This takes a lot of work and you’re likely to bear the brunt of it, outsourcing tasks that you can’t complete yourself to third parties such as freelancers or agencies who will work on a project by project basis. While this is a great mode of work when your business first starts out and there’s less pressure and demand on you, you will find yourself needing the assistance of extra pairs of hands when it comes to actually running your business once customers are making orders, inquiries and hoping for new product launches. This is when you need to take on permanent staff. Of course, if you’re taking on permanent employees, you may need a place for them to work. Here’s how to set up the perfect workspace for them!

Consider Remote Working Models

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to provide a workplace. The pandemic has opened many people’s eyes to the benefits of having a remote workforce. When you have a remote team, you don’t have to provide them with a workspace, which cuts overhead costs such as commercial property rent and bills. Many staff members also prefer working from home, finding that it saves them time and money on commuting, as well as allowing them to work from a more comfortable environment perfectly suited to them.

Choosing an Office Space

First, you’re going to need to choose an office space if you want to hire an office space. The key factor here is going to be location. You want a spot that is easily accessible for all of your staff, including those who will want to use public transport. You need somewhere with parking for those who want to drive, or you could find you lose the interest of good staff who don’t want to pay daily parking charges. You also need to consider budget. You need to minimise the amount you spend on commercial premises to maximise your profit margins.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Of course, any space where it’s not an individual’s responsibility to clean up is going to get dirty pretty quickly. You need to ensure that your office stays clean and shiny and this shouldn’t be any individual employee’s job alongside their own role. Instead, you need to either hire a day porter for ongoing cleaning throughout each day, or cleaners who will attend the office space each evening to resolve mess and keep on top of general cleaning tasks.


Every office is going to need furniture and equipment for your staff to work from. This is to be carefully chosen. As a responsible employer, you need to make sure to choose ergonomic furniture, such as ergonomically designed chairs, desks, footrests, back supports and more. These will all promote your employees’ health and wellbeing while working for you, helping to fend off issues such as repetitive strain injury.

Keep all the information above in mind when kitting out an office for your staff. Each piece of advice will help!

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