3-Part Onboarding Phase: Welcoming, Security And Assessment

Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a transitioning period where an employee is trained to use software, tools and/or equipment they’re unfamiliar with so that they will perform well in a new role. The onboarding phase refers to new employees and existing employees that have been promoted or placed into a different role. It’s a vital part of employee growth and internal business continuation. Developing an effective onboarding process will help with employee development, job satisfaction, and company culture.

In recent years, it’s become a bit of a hot topic as the generational gap has widened. It’s not just about the quality of your training and assessment program, but the cultural knowledge of the millennial worker. It’s now 2020 and there are new challenges on the horizon. This is how you can prepare your business for what lies ahead in the onboarding phase.


Welcome and team greeting 

It’s a daunting experience for anyone who is entering a company with already established friendships and relationships both personally and professionally. As the boss, you need to send your new employees a welcome message. This can be via email, using the network system in software or meeting them in person. Take a cup of coffee with you to give to them, shake their hand and tell them it’s nice to finally meet them and be open to any questions they might have. 

Then it’s time for them to meet the whole team. You might not be able to introduce them to everyone in your business but it’s good practice to take a minute of the floor’s time to welcome fresh blood formally.

Good security practice

After they have met the team, it’s time for some general good practice rules. Business networks are vast and complex, they connect different software and allow each department to effectively work together online. New employees should be taken through the safety and security rules such as logging off if you’re away from the computer for more than 30 seconds. 

Adhering to the conditions of access for different parts of your business network is essential training. Uploading finished tasks to software that is primarily used by other departments has to be done without obstruction to the other tasks that are being done. 

It’s a good idea to have your network monitored at a level that www.jadtechnologies.com offers. They have a proactive team that monitors all suspicious activity and prevents malware programs from entering your network. With a 24/7 help desk, your managers will quickly be able to get any additional help they require.

An assessment test

Once the onboarding process is nearing an end, it’s vital to have an assessment test of your new employees. The core questions and abilities required for the role need to be present.

It wouldn’t be realistic to create a high-precision test as it wouldn’t be a fair way to assess new employees. But a more generalized and standardized test would be beneficial as it nails down the basics. Bear in mind, software skills, communication and autonomous adherence to task briefs are the main points to cover.

A warm welcome from the boss is always going to boost the morale of new employees. Get the boring security rules out of the way so you can work your way to the final assessment phase.


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