How To Earn Money Fixing Computers from Home

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As the world increasingly becomes more and more digital there has never been a bigger demand for computer specialists. If you have knowledge and experience in keeping computers up and running there is ample opportunity to set yourself up as a home based IT company, and here is how to do just that.

Training & Set-Up

Setting yourself up as a freelance IT technician takes a little bit of time and patience. You will need to make sure that you are suitably trained in the area that you want to specialize in. So it is always advisable not to jump in head before getting the relevant training under your belt first.

You will then of course need to set up a website and market yourself in your local area. If you have decided that you want to work completely remotely, with no face to face client interaction, then of course you can also market yourself to a much wider geographical area.

Investing in Software

There is a huge demand for computer service management companies. Due to cloud based storage options and increasing amounts of people working from home, with little to no IT experience, it’s safe to say that things can go wrong and very often do. Therefore as computer service problems are a big concern for your clients you will need to be able to provide swift and efficient solutions. In order to do this you will need a system in place with software like, Optsy, that will allow all of your business functions to be integrated. Buying into the right software will enable you to integrate all your business functions from scheduling to dispatching, inventory, billing and customer information. So you need to be looking into the different types of software available that will allow you to stay on top of your home-based IT company.

Pros & Cons

There are many advantages of running a home based business computer repair company. But there are also a few cons as well that are worth bearing in mind, before biting the bullet and diving in head first. One of the major cons is that you will need to invest time at the beginning building your site and building up a client base in the beginning so you will need some savings to get you through these first few, initial months. You will need to fight against competition and if you are not the kind of person that likes to work alone then this may not be the right career choice for you.

The pros much outweigh the cons however. Firstly it is a very stable industry as it it so highly in demand. Personal computers and laptops aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon so you should be able to enjoy a lot of business coming through from people that need assistance with their computers. People from every single industry rely on their computers for at least some elements of their jobs and as there is a constant threat of viruses, bugs, loss of data, amongst other issues, this creates a lot of work opportunity for you. Working from home also offers a flexible schedule and allows you to create your own schedule. There is also no better feeling than working for yourself and slowly, but surely building up a steady and loyal group of clients.

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