How to Take A Direct Approach to Marketing

Direct Marketing Approach

As consumers, many of us are used to being advertised to in every single capacity. Take a few minutes to walk around your local town center. You’ll see hundreds of advertisements each and every day. Ads can try enticing you into every store or even try to persuade you into spending cash you weren’t intending to, while thinking you’ll somehow be saving money.

Of course, that’s not to say marketing is ineffective. While it can be tiring if not carefully curated, businesses often apply intelligent marketing campaigns. They want these campaigns to help the narratives behind a certain product flourish, and that in itself is impressive. Additionally, well written, targeted, or thoughtful advertising can make us stop and pay attention. Like that really cool BBC Dracula billboard – what a unique approach!

On that last point, it could be that when defining your own marketing strategy, focusing on these intelligent practices could be worthwhile. Let’s consider how you may take a more direct approach to marketing, for measurable results:

Direct Targeting

Target those who may actually be likely to hold some kind of interest in your services. This can seem obvious, but often companies cast too wide a net and end up marketing to people who will skip their ads. It’s important to market to potential customers who are interested in your products or services–not just anyone and everyone.

For example, designer stationery is unlikely to appeal to new students. To them, the cost will be over their budgetary allowance. This not only saves the time of your customers but of your marketers too.

Answer Direct Questions

Answering direct questions via your marketing can also be worthwhile. For instance, it can be important to show a prospective car buyer what APR they might expect on financing, or just what upgrades they may be able to select during the purchase. Through your marketing material, you may be able to help them avoid questioning if you are appropriate for them, and instead leave no doubt that you are. This is a small technique, but it’s one with almost infinite convenience and utility.

Create The Need For Engagement

Through actionable formats and well-directed marketing, you will find that engagement is a natural response with great response rates. For instance, you can find detailed information here regarding how excellent and personable mailing campaigns can generate a real response, from spreading exclusive discount codes to published material to contact pull-tabs.

The more your approach can be curated to incentivize a response, the more you will ensure that your marketing isn’t just floating out there in the wind, attracting nothing and no one. Some companies may be able to enhance their sales simply by putting their brand name on a sponsored piece of content. As a smaller firm, thorough outreach like this can be wise and worth considering.

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