4 Rapid Ideas That Will Cut Your Company’s Response Times In Half

In a time when customers aren’t willing to wait, businesses must respond as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will result in losing leads and missing out on sales and conversions, two features that are essential to any successful company.

The trick is to reply quickly to avoid people judging your brand. However, it’s easy to say and not very straightforward to do in real-time. After all, there are too many stimuli to factor in when you work in a fast-paced environment.

The good news is that you can use the tips below to make it simpler and to impress your customers into staying loyal.

Stay Online

When you strongly rely on an internet connection to correspond with your base, you must be online 24-hours a day. Unfortunately, the software is unpredictable and glitches happen, causing you to suffer from downtime. To prevent this scenario from happening, the best course of action is to opt for personalized IT services. Antivirus platforms and apps are great at automation, but a hand on the wheel is better at spotting issues and solving them in minutes rather than hours. Imagine if the site goes offline in the middle of the night – who will fix the problem if you don’t have a team member on hand?

Automate Initial Responses

Customers get annoyed when businesses don’t reply to their first message. A massive 60% of companies fail to respond to emails, which is shocking. If you don’t continue the thread, you can’t expect them to continue to use your brand in the long-term. Thankfully, automated email responses show that the message has been received and is being processed. Often, consumers are happy to know that their email hasn’t been lost in the digital ether. As a result, you get more leeway to reply with a thorough response.

Create A Social Media Presence

Twitter and Instagram are more than platforms that raise awareness of the business and improve your reach. Yes, they do both of these things, but they also act as points of contact for your followers. Nearly half of millennials will switch to social media if they don’t feel as if their first message was taken seriously. The same number does the same with devices, too. Therefore, having a digital presence is an excellent way to stay in contact with disgruntled customers or people who have questions and queries. Plus, a DM is a quick and accessible service, and people love the lack of formality, as well as the convenience it provides. 

Give Them As Much Info As Possible

The best way to cut response times is to negate the need for customers to contact you in the first place. When there are fewer emails or calls, you won’t have to manage them as carefully. That’s why your website is an excellent tool. Open all day, all year round, it’s a vat of knowledge for curious consumers who are searching for opening times, store locations, and returns policies. A dedicated FAQ page should provide answers so that they don’t have to contact you directly.

How do you make sure that your response times are on point?

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