How To Create An Ecofriendly Work Environment


In a world where news about Greta Thunberg and Australia’s wildfires are hitting the headlines, it has never been more important to be kinder to our planet than it is today. There is now a higher demand more than ever for an eco-friendlier society, with studies

providing evidence to the fact that consumers around the globe care deeply about the environmental reputation of businesses. 

Every day, millions contribute to the sustainability of the planet by making eco-friendly decisions in everyday life, including in the workplace. Here are five simple ways to make environmentally conscious choices within your company that consumers and the planet will thank you and your employees for.

Spread The Word 

Spoken words can go a long way: be an advocate for the sustainability of the planet and set an example to others by initiating conversation about environmental sustainability to your employees to encourage impactful changes. From ordering a vegan sandwich at lunch to deciding to walk to work on selected days, conversation generates more conversation. This way, employees can share their tips to educate family and friends about environmental issues to create positive change, and to encourage mindfulness of our day to day choices. 

Reduce Office Or Business Waste 

Recycling allows us to limit the amount of new material that is produced, meaning less waste can be distributed, and less damage is made to our planet. Encourage employees to bring in lunch in reusable plastic containers, bottles, and cutlery, as well as to take any leftover food home to reduce any waste. Additionally, if applicable, shifting from paper to digital will make a significant environmentally friendly change for your business, and is also financially beneficial in the long term. Alternatively, try printing only when necessary or reduce the number of printers within the building. 

Be Energy Efficient

Being energy conscious can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and subsequently improve our air quality. There a number of ways to easily save energy within the workplace: remember to shut down any unused computers or appliances, use natural lighting during the day, or consider movement activated light switches to ensure that no energy is being wasted. If suitable, encouraging carpooling and offering occasional work from home opportunities for employees can further help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport.  

Choose Eco-Friendly Services For Your Business

Thinking of switching to more eco-friendly services for your company? Making this small decision to change services for your business can make a big difference in promoting sustainability for the planet, such as utilizing ecofriendly dry cleaning services who are committed to prioritizing important environmental issues, such as the usage level of the planet’s natural resources. 

Organize A Fun Charity Event  

What’s better than organizing an exciting trip or event with colleagues to raise money and spread further awareness for a good cause? Feel proud in knowing you’ve made a difference through organizing a charity run, walk, summer buffet, or even a hike to contribute to charities that are dedicated to saving our planet. There are no limits – you could get super creative with a charity idea and could even make plans to have a ‘go green’ day by wearing something green to work! 


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