The Best Careers Are Those That Let You Give Back

Like it or not, you’re born into a world where society does a lot for you. The police roam the streets, making sure that you’re safe (and that you pay your taxes). The schools you had to go to when you were a child gave you the skills that you rely on today to make money. And there was always someone there to provide you with medicine when you got sick.

Many people feel a sense of duty or obligation to their community. They think that they have to “give something back” to feel complete.

It turns out that there are important reasons for choosing a career that allows you to make tangible differences to people’s lives. Check them out below:

Reason #1: You Have Higher Job Satisfaction

Research indicates that people who contribute to society in a meaningful way through their job have higher job satisfaction. The reasons for this are twofold. First, people with “helping jobs” such as nursing feel more intrinsically motivated than those who sell less life-changing services. People in the medical profession, in general, have a genuine sense of purpose and mission in their lives, desiring to make people healthier.

The second reason people in helping careers have higher job satisfaction is that they receive more praise for their work. There’s nothing like the gratitude of a patient who you helped recover from a severe injury or condition.

Reason #2: You Have More Career Opportunities

The nature of the economy is changing. People in helping industries, like health care, are in a much better position to benefit from career opportunities than those in declining sectors, like manufacturing. Our machines cannot yet automate the role of the human personality in empathetic professionals, meaning that the value of human labor is going up. Today, you can earn your master of science in nursing online and look forward to a bright and engaging career in a way that you can’t in many other industries.

Reason #3: You Meet Great People

When you go into a helping profession, you meet like-minded people: individuals who are motivated by their desire to improve the lives of others, even at the expense of their wellbeing. These colleagues can be some of the most inspiring people you ever meet, opening your eyes to new ideas. With them by your side, you don’t just go to work to earn money, but to learn as well.

Reason #4: You Will Be Healthier

Research suggests that when we help others, we feel healthier and happier. Being in a good mood at work can add years to your life and reduce your likelihood of developing chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. When we health other people, our brains release a flood of chemicals that help to reduce blood pressure and improve our overall sense of wellbeing. The hours working in a helping profession might be long, but they don’t feel as bad because of the nature of the work. That’s good if you’re the sort of person who watches the clock.


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