5 Places To Visit In Pennsylvania

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The Independence National Historical Park

When it comes to choosing states to visit on vacation, it’s fair to say there’s something of a hierarchy. California, for example, is always going to be a popular choice. Hawaii, too, will always have its share of devotees, while Texas commands a fair share of tourism too.

But Pennsylvania? Not so much.

That’s a shame, because Pennsylvania actually has a lot to offer travelers, especially travelers with an interest in history. So why not read on, and see if these places can tempt you to a visit to the Keystone State…

The Independence National Historical Park

The Independence National Historical Park

Pennsylvania is a state full of important American history, and nowhere is this more obvious than the Independence National Historical Park. Located in Philadelphia, the park is a collection of different areas that you can explore at your leisure, and features a number of sites of historical significance— including the famous Liberty Bell.



Another historical day of sightseeing, this time from the Civil War. Gettysburg is, of course, the site of Abraham Lincoln’s most famous address and the subsequent field battle. You can visit the battlefield itself and the dedicated museum, as well as the charming surrounding town.

Lancaster County

Lancaster County

For a truly different vacation experience, head to Lancaster County for an Amish experience you won’t forget. There’s a thriving industry for tourists to enjoy in the area, and you should have no problem finding cafes, bars, and restaurants in Lancaster PA that cater to your every need. It’s also well worth visiting the market areas, or taking a stroll through the quiet rural roads— most of which are pollution-free, of course!

Nockamixon State Park

Nockamixon State Park

Pennsylvania is well known for its Amish regions and areas of historical significance, but the state has plenty more to offer. If you’re a fan of outdoor pursuits or vacations in rural spaces, then Pennsylvania has got you covered. The Nockamixon State Park covers a huge area — over 5,000 hectares in total — and offers a host of delights that any “outdoorsy” vacationer doesn’t want to miss. There’s boating lakes, hiking trails, picnic areas, and plenty more besides, and nearby Quakertown is a wonderful area to explore too.

Lake Erie


Lake Erie is a well-known destination in the Pennsylvania area, and it’s easy to see why. The nearby lake itself is truly stunning, and there’s also plenty of activities and sights to see in the area. For a historical fix, head to the docked USS Niagara, or ascend the Bicentennial Tower for an incredible view of the city and lake. If you’re looking for a serene, relaxing getaway, then heading to Erie might be the best decision you ever make.

In conclusion

Pennsylvania might not be at the top of many “states to visit” lists, but the above sights show that there’s plenty to see, do, and enjoy in this beautiful historic state. Now you have an idea of the potential experiences available, do you think you could see yourself traveling to Pennsylvania for a vacation in future?

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