Before Summer, Top Off Your Wardrobe

Summer Wardobe

Summer is fast approaching! Before we know it, we’ll all be basking in the simple joys of those long summer days, without a care in the world. There will be BBQs, beach days, parties, and just the odd day of doing nothing but lounging around, as well as maybe a trip here or there. Sounds perfect! But before we get to enjoy all that, we have to look at updating our wardrobe. We’re going to be out and about all summer: we have to look like we’ve put some effort in! Here’s your run through of the key areas of your summer wardrobe you need to take a look at before the hot weather arrives.

The Essentials

We can get lost under a mountain of clothes during winter. In summer, there’s nowhere to hide, and we need our essentials to be on point. You want to feel as light and fresh as the weather outside! Look at having an overhaul of your underwear and socks. It’s the season of life and energy, after all, so those old pieces can be thrown away! Also, when we talk of essentials in summer, we have to include sunglasses. You’ll be wearing them every day, or at least we expect you will, so make sure you’ve bought a new pair that you’ll feel confident wearing day in, day out.

Light and Breezy

Beach days, park days….things are going to get active! And it’s also going to be hot, so you need to have those pieces that are light, breezy, and which look oh so good whatever the occasion. Invest in a few summer dresses, and you’ll always have the perfect item to go to when you want to feel loose and free. They’re the best thing to wear when you’re doing nothing but relaxing on a hot summer’s day!

Day to Day

Alas, not every day can be spent by the pool or the sea. You’ll want to top up on the basics, the things you can wear every day, especially when there’s no social event to attend. Load up on funky t-shirts and denim shorts, and you’ll be able to make an impression, even when you’re not trying to make an impression! T-shirt, shorts, and sandals will be your go-to, whether it’s running around the supermarket or just going for a summer’s evening stroll. And talking of sandals…


You’ll be showing more skin than usual in the summer, and that means your shoes will be getting more attention – especially when compared to your functional winter footwear. Invest in a new pair of wedge sandals, converse trainers, or flip-flops, and you’ll have more or less your footwear sorted for the next few months!

Those Chilly Nights

There’s nothing better than spending a summer evening in the outdoors, around a roaring fire or just staring up at the stars. When the sun dips, though, things can start to get chilly. A few wrap and light scarves will keep you warm, so there’s no reason the night has to end! And when it gets really cool, get out the blanket and cuddle up with the one you love….

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