Planning A Romantic Proposal – Yes, Women Can Do It Too!

When people consider the rise of feminism, equal rights, and fair pay, it’s no wonder more ladies are popping the question than ever before. Years ago, it was a man’s duty to get down on one knee and ask their partner for their hand in marriage. Thankfully, times have changed for the better, and now anyone can make that gesture. Still, it’s important to ensure the proposal is as romantic as possible. With that in mind, some fabulous ideas on this page could help to point ladies in the right direction. Readers don’t have to use these suggestions, but they should take some inspiration.

Finding the perfect rings

Unless ladies want to get down on one knee with a Haribo ring, it’s probably wise to visit some jewelry stores. Traditionally, men don’t wear engagement rings before the wedding. However, that doesn’t mean girlfriends shouldn’t invest. Perhaps it’s sensible to get a ring attached to a neck chain or something similar? It’s also important for ladies to purchase something similar for themselves. Verragio engagement rings look amazing, but they’re often rather pricey. So, shop around for the best deals to avoid paying over the odds. When all’s said and done, couples will need as much money as possible for their big day.

Deciding between a public or private proposal

There are some important choices to make when it comes to the nature of the proposal. Men have worried about these things for years, so it’s only fair that ladies should consider them too. Opting for a public proposal is a fantastic idea if the man doesn’t get embarrassed easily. The concept will almost certainly get a lot of attention. That said, some people would much prefer the event to happen in private. It all comes down to the nature of the individual and their personality type. If ladies intent to propose to a man, they should know the person pretty well. So, make an educated decision without giving the game away.

Choosing the right time and location

It’s sensible to think outside of the box when it comes to asking someone to get married. Some excellent public proposal location ideas include:

  • Restaurants
  • Pop concerts
  • Public places
  • Airplanes
  • Family events
  • And much more

People who prefer the idea of proposing in private might:

  • Book an upmarket hotel room
  • Cook a special meal
  • Surprise their partner as they arrive home from work

More ladies than ever before will propose to their boyfriends this summer. So, don’t let the side down! Let’s show those guys that we can come up with just as many romantic and creative ideas as them. Men have a long history of getting down on one knee in exciting and innovative settings. Women haven’t been doing that for long, and so we need to pull something special out of the box. Whatever readers decide, let’s hope they get an affirmative answer and live long and happy lives with their new life partners. After all, that’s the dream most ladies have wanted to achieve since they were little girls.


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