5 Tips for a Guest Friendly Home

Guest Bedroom

Entertaining comes in many forms…birthday parties, dinner parties, weddings, etc. and then there’s my personal favorite, the overnight guest. I live at a distance from all of my family so having them visit my home is a real treat. To ensure they are extra comfortable and want to return I add a few special touches to my spare bedroom to make sure my home is guest ready.

  1. Snacks! This is especially important for those who are traveling a long distance. I always like to keep a stash of protein bars, chocolate, fruit, and water in a basket in my guestroom. Even if you tell people to help themselves to your pantry…they rarely take you up on the offer. A little snack bar is very welcoming, always appreciated and you certainly don’t want your guest to go hungry.
  2. Lots of pillows. Admittedly, I go WAY overboard here and have at the very least 6 or more pillows on a bed at any given time. Some are soft, some are firm, some are for propping and some are just pretty. Pillows are really inexpensive, I get mine on sale at Macy’s for around $12 each, and it’s better to have too many than not enough. In addition to lots-o-pillows, I always keep an extra blanket of two at the foot of the bed as well.
  3. Towels. Be sure to have designated “guest room” towels. Yes I know, this may seem like a bit of a waste considering they may only get used a handful of times throughout the year. But, these are the little things that make people feel at home. Plus, I’m convinced soft, fluffy and fresh towels have magical powers.
  4. Have your wifi readily available for guests. This is a must if you do not have a good cellular signal in your home. Should your network be password protected make sure you have the password either neatly written down or better yet, beautifully printed and framed on a bedside table.
  5. Go easy on the air fresheners. True story, I was recently visiting someone and they had scented candles, diffusers and potpourri in every corner of their home. My eyes were puffy, I was sneezing like crazy within hours of my stay and I don’t even have allergies. I absolutely love myself some fancy shmancy candles but remember to take into consideration, your guests may have a sensitivity to such.

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