19 Tips For Living A Happy Life

What’s the key to happiness? There’s no one thing that makes all the difference, but having a good work/life balance is definitely a solid foundation for a happy and well-designed life.

As female entrepreneurs or aspiring ones, there are so many things that we want to do, but we have to be realistic about how much we can actually manage before we feel overwhelmed. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you create that ideal work/life balance and maintain a positive outlook. Keep in mind this is only to get you started!

Tips For Living A Happy Life

  1. Put a glass of water beside your bed every night. If you don’t drink it before you go to sleep, drink it first thing in the morning.
  2. Go for a walk outside after dinner.
  3. Clean out your car when you fill up at the gas station.
  4. At least once a week take a detox bath with 1 cup Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and a few drops of lavender oil.
  5. Forgive yourself.
  6. Keep a small notebook with you to write down things when you think of them.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Say no to something at least once a day.
  9. Visualize the outcomes you want to experience.
  10. Save 10% of your paycheck every month.
  11. Spend money on experiences, not things.
  12. Read at least one book every month.
  13. Write at least one thank you note a week.
  14. Think something kind towards yourself in the mirror when you are brushing your teeth.
  15. Don’t check your phone during dinner. Set specific times to check social media and/or your texts.
  16. Keep work out of your living room, dining room, and your bedroom. If you’re going to work from home after hours – have a designated area in which to do so.
  17. Make eye contact when having conversations.
  18. Write down your tasks and cross them off as you do them. You’ll release happiness endorphins when you do.
  19. Call a loved-one (A parent, a sibling, or a best friend).

There may not be a secret formula for living a happy life – but starting with these 19 tips is a great starting point! Do you have a certain activity or activities that you do each week that you feel makes a difference in your mood and attitude towards life?

Share with us your tips for living a happy life in our comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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