2 Well Known And 2 Lesser Known Career Change Problems

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If you find yourself staring at the clock willing it to get to 5 pm, it may be because your job is just not that stimulating anymore. But what can you do about it? Well, change your career of course, but often times this is easier said than done. There are a lot of problems and stumbling block to overcome when changing careers, some more obvious than others. Here are two well known and two lesser career change problems:

Known- Retraining

First of all, if you are changing career, it’s very likely that you will have to engage in some retraining.

This can be difficult because it takes a lot of time and effort. As well as causing a fortune. It can be very tough to return to school when you have your life at an established point. As you have to find the dedication to sit down and study each day, usually on top of working and taking care of your relationship and family as well.

Lesser Known – How to Land a Job in Your New Career

Another lesser known issue you can experience when you go through a career change is how to actually find a job, in your new field. It all very well knowing what you want to do but you also need to be able to know how to land yourself a job in the areas that you’re changing to.

To help remember that some careers such as accounting, law, and teaching all have specialized agencies that deal with valence and placements in that area. This can help you to find a position much more easily than if you have to do the leg work yourself because they already have a preexisting connection with those hiring in the field.

Known – Pay Cut

One thing that is fairly well known when you change your career is that you will probably have to take a pay cut. This Is because you are going from being in an established role to starting again at the bottom.

Obviously, this isn’t always the case as some role like teaching and medicine pay quite well from the start, but you do have to get the qualification needed for these before you can work in the field, so that means you are likely to go through some hardship before you start earning again.

Lesser Know – Status

Lastly, something that you may be unaware of is that you may experience a decline in social status when you change careers. This is because some jobs and pay grades afford a certain attitude from the general public, as well as friends and family.

They can think you are copping out or making a stupid decision, especially if you are leaving a safe, secure career for one that is less so. However, you have to remember that they have their life to live, and by the same token so do you. That means you get to make your own decisions and don’t have to do anything to please them if it’s not what in your heart to do with your life.



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