Careers for Anyone Who’s a People Person

For some women, working with people is what they’re made for. While it’s hard to avoid human interaction in any job, some careers are certainly more people-focused than others. If you have an outgoing personality or you love to get to know people, you might be looking for a career where you can use your skills. Maybe you’re wondering if you’re on the right career path, looking for a change in career, or trying to decide what to do once you’ve finished your education. You could consider a range of different careers where your people skills would be most useful, whether you want to help people or manage them. Here’s a list of careers for anyone who’s a people person.

Health and Care Professions

Some people who have good people skills want to put them to use helping other people. If you not only like interacting with people but also want to make a difference in their lives, you might consider a career in a health or care position. These types of jobs are diverse, ranging from home care assistants to doctors and dental hygienists. They can require different amounts of training and education, so you don’t necessarily need to have gone to college. Some jobs can be more focused on having a lot of medical knowledge, but others are more about the caring side of the profession.

Marketing and Sales

Businesses need employees who are good with people to help them bring in and keep customers. Jobs in both marketing and sales can offer the opportunity to work with lots of different people. Management level jobs, in particular, can be good for a people person, allowing you to interact with both employees and customers. You’ll find marketing and sales jobs in all industries, from sales jobs to careers with large corporate companies. So if you have an interest in marketing or sales, you can combine it with another interest to find the right industry.


Working in education is something that can involve an element of care. However, the main objective is to help educate people to improve their lives. Many people think of teaching children and teenagers when they consider working in education. However, there are other options available. You could think about going into academia and higher education, or perhaps consider adult education. You don’t have to be a teacher or professor, either. You could be a classroom assistant, for example.

Office Admin and Receptionists

Businesses need to have a first response team when people contact or visit them. This will often fall to an office administration assistant, business assistant or receptionist. It’s their job to answer the phone and to greet visitors. Some of these roles could be face-to-face, while others are mostly based over phone or email. It’s important that the first contact anyone has with a business helps to present the right impression. Being good with people is essential if you’re going to part of the face of a business.

If you’re looking for a new career, these options could offer some things to think about.

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