Using Sharepoint For Business

If you currently use or are thinking of using Sharepoint within your business, toy might want to take a look at some of the things it can do for you within the business. Sharepoint is a software system that allows users to create teams online and share files, ideas plus organize projects in the workplace.

Before you go out and find a SharePoint consulting firm<, take a look at some of the uses below to see if this software is useful for you...

  1. You can store all of your emails on a secure server which is centralized for easy access and archiving.
  2. You will have a location in which you can assign tasks to your team members, this feature is similar to the app called Basecamp, where it allows you to set to do lists for your team members and see where they are up to throughout the working week. You can set these as general tasks or link them to a specific project so you can see where they are up to.
  3. You will be able to organize events through Sharepoint and store any documents which relate to the event such as location details, invitations and designs for the hall. You will also be able to set reminders to complete certain things in the time running up to the event.
  4. Share documents onto the secure server and allow team members to collaborate on one document at the same time. The great thing about this feature is that when the edits are completed you will be able to see who it was that completed each part of the document. It is a useful tool to bring to meetings when you are having a discussion about something.
  5. Every time you decide to assign a task to a team member, they will get a notification on their device to tell the, what it is and when the deadline is. It saves you having to assign the task and wait for them to notice that it is there.
  6. You don’t need to buy an expensive project management tool because Sharepoint is able to manage the project for you and enable you to see everything you need to see.
  7. There is a check in and check out system so that you can organize your documents.
  8. Set up a ticket system for employees so that the IT department and work on any logged issues with devices in the building, you can also use it in other departments too.
  9. Change access settings so that only certain members of your team can access certain documents.
  10. There is a content approval function which will allow you to decline projects if they contain a lot of incorrect information. It will be sent back to the employee to redo.
  11. You will be able to offer training materials to all team members which can be accessed anywhere in the world for when they need to learn new skills or revise for an exam.
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