Making The Office Environment A Happy Place To Be

When it comes to the office, you want to ensure that your employees and any staff members feel happy when working there. Sure you won’t be able to control how they feel about the level of work, but you can do all that you can in terms of the environment they work in. So what can you do to ensure it is a happy and positive place? Here are some suggestions that you could try.

Keep the office a clean space

One of the first things that you may want to do is keep the office a clean space. Dust can mount up, mess from spilt drinks can longer, and generally a musty smell can from if windows are not opened often enough. This is when enlisting the help of janitorial services could do the trick. Allowing cleaner to come in every evening and keep the office space clean, make any repairs and fix things and generally keep the office in order.

Flexible working could be the right move

Sometimes it can be difficult for employees to adhere to a nine to five work schedule, and while this is generally the norm, it could be that introducing some flexible working options could help your staff to be happier when at work. You could allow them to work later so that they can do the school run in the morning, or enable them to work from home some of the time so that they are around for important events in their children’s lives. Small gestures such as that can go a long way.

Casual dress down days

Often enabling your staff to dress down on certain days can be a great way to incorporate a more relaxed vibe in the office. Maybe a day where there are non client meetings or customers coming in, for example. People will still dress smartly, but they will feel comfortable and happier in themselves.

Lunch provided every now and then

Is there such a thing as a free lunch? Well there can be in your office. Providing lunch every now and then for your staff can be seen as a generous gesture. You could order in sandwiches or pizzas, or even have theme days where all staff members bring something in to contribute. Again it can help with the social aspect and feels like you are giving back.

Adding greenery and nice touches 

Finally, take a moment to think about the way the office looks. Add some greenery such as plants, nice touches like motivational prints or pretty artwork. The office doesn’t need to be a clinical with no personality. You want to inspire people, you want them to feel motivated and happy, and often the look of the place they work can have much to do with it. Think about the way it looks, add cushions to chairs and generally spruce the place up. It could make all of the difference.

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to making the office environment a happy place to be.

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