How Artificial Intelligence Improves User Experience

Artificial Intelligence is being used in our everyday life more and more. AI is essential while launching ad campaigns and website development because it can improve brand image and user experience (UX).

The main thing AI helps with is personalization. It allows you to attract loyal customers since you can individually interact with each of them. The article describes the competent integration of AI in website development.

1. Increase in conversion due to user segmentation

Personalization due to artificial intelligence has a positive effect on conversions, as it showcases the pages that website visitors need. Professional UX/UI design agencies like Clay.Global use AI to:

  • Attract customers that were previously “expensive” as more specific targeting criteria are applied.

  • Share personalized experiences in real-time.

  • Segment your audience into micro-groups based on user behavior, location, and intentions.

  • Tracking the changes in website content and performance indicators.

2. Advanced audience segmentation and analytics

Artificial intelligence can be used to find a new customer base for better targeting. Due to the available information about users, it is possible to create an individual offer and increase loyalty. After that, you can collect analytics and distribute clients into large groups with similar experiences based on the data obtained.

You can segment your audience according to several criteria:

  • User behavior, device, geolocation;

  • Communication channels, search queries, and options for interacting with the company;

  • Behavioral features (for segmentation into micro-groups).

3. Improving content and user experience

Artificial intelligence can improve the quality of any content. All the designers need to do is define goals, do some tests, and find suitable optimization techniques. Here are some effective methods:

  • Prognostic tests. With artificial intelligence, you can increase the amount of the check and traffic.

  • Sustained analysis. This method helps for better understanding users and meeting their needs.

  • Work automation. It helps enroot tests and makes it easier to segment users into separate groups.

  • Constant A / B tests. This method allows you to instantly find a solution to problems while creating one-page and multi-page websites.

4. Sales growth due to recommendations

Also, it is necessary to place some recommendations if the user is going to quit your website. Due to such a solution, sales and average check increase since the user is shown precisely those potentially interesting products to him. The segment of recommendations is formed based on AI while choosing a consequence, the history of views, and human behavior is analyzed.

To increase sales with the help of artificial intelligence, you need:

  • Add personalized recommendations on the website or mobile app;

  • Create a list of recommendations based on previous views and user actions;

  • Offer individual discount promo codes;

  • Increase customer loyalty by applying social proof;

  • Collect emails and send a mailing to increase repeat sales.

5. Improving interaction with the website

People in business who can predict what users want are more successful than those who don’t know what they want. Now artificial intelligence allows you to understand this. After analyzing user activity, you can set up personalized advertising and send a mailing with a unique offer that suits a specific person.

To improve user interaction with the website, you need:

  • Send personalized messages to the client from the moment they go to the website until the target action is taken (purchase, application, commenting);

  • Target the audience according to detailed indicators started from geolocation and social status to behavioral characteristics;

  • Try to detain a user on the website who wants to leave without making a purchase.


Artificial intelligence while creating a website is the right solution for any company since technologies solve many business problems. They use a web resource much more accessible and increase customer loyalty through personalization and adaptation to their needs. AI needs to continue being used after launch, as it automates the analytics and interactions with website visitors.

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