Does My Business Need An App?

Entrepreneurs all see the value of having a website for your business in this day and age, but the jury on apps is still out. To help you decide whether or not incorporating one into your business plan is the best decision, we’ve put together 7 benefits of having an app for your brand:

  1. . Apps can help build brand recognition– Your app is another extension of your business, so making one your customers will want to use again and again will only benefit your business. The more that customers use your app and make it part of their routines, the more likely they are to eventually make a purchase.
  2. Apps can give your business an edge on the competition– Your competition is wondering about whether or not having an app developed will truly benefit them the same way that you are, but not all of your competitors will feel that it’s the best decision for them… leaving your app to gain all of the potential mobile customers.
  3. Apps will make your business visible to customers at all times– Having an app on your customers’ phones means that any time they go to their list of apps and scroll through, they’ll see your business. Having that kind of visibility means that you can reach your customers without them actively seeking you out. How many times have we gone into our phones looking to use a certain app, but them fell down the rabbit hole of playing with other apps along the way or immediately afterward?
  4. Apps can help grow your customers’ trust and loyalty– Advertising proves more and more challenging with each day now. There are so many different manners in which to do it. Utilizing an app gives your business a chance to have a more personal, direct relationship with your customer than a billboard or pop up ad.
  5. Apps have PUSH Notifications– PUSH notifications are a great way to immediately let your customers know about new deals or services. Apps send the notifications directly to users’ phones, so that if a product that’s been sold out is now available, or another product goes on sale, you can let them know immediately, as opposed to waiting for them to come back to the app.
  6. Apps allow you to offer your customers special discounts– You can offer special app-based coupons to customers to help simultaneously encourage use of the app as well as promoting your business. Maybe it’s based on the number of times they check into your business, or maybe it’s a special promo code that customers can only get from the app.
  7. Apps can help you gather data about your customers– Apps can track what your customers do while they’re inside of the app, thereby giving you valuable information about what works and what doesn’t for your business. What pages did they linger on longer? What pages do customers click away from more quickly? What are their browsing habits?

How do you feel about apps? If your business has one, we’d love to hear how it has helped both you and your customers.

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