How Cox Enterprises’ Sustainable Initiatives Are Changing and Saving Our Planet


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Sometimes we can easily get caught up in the everyday – our jobs, our life, our futures  – we forget to slow down and smell the roses – or even see the roses. When we talk about how important it is to protect the environment, it isn’t a new conversation. In fact, it’s very much a conversation about our future – the earth’s future as whole.

That’s why this is in an important story, Cox Enterprises isn’t just a leading communications, media and automotive services company – they’re also a proactive part of protecting our planet’s future. Having invested more than $116 million in their sustainability program, Cox Conserves, since 2007. With this program, their goal has been to drive positive change for the environment within the company and the communities they serve. They want zero waste to be sent to landfills by 2024 and be carbon and water neutral by 2044!

Competing 30 solar projects so far,  Cox isn’t done quite yet. On May 3, the Cox Conserves team is announcing the opening of four brand new solar farms across Georgia and Florida as a part of the Southeast Solar Farm Fund. This Fund is an example of Cox’s renewal energy projects and the type of sustainable technology investments that are being focused on by Cox Cleantech. With concentration on three sectors (sustainable agriculture, water utilities and renewable energy), this team aims to address environmental challenges facing our planet and transform them into an opportunity for positive change.

Cox is a major investor for the project, which will be the largest solar opening the company has completed to date. PEC Velo is also partnering with Cox on this, bringing the total value to the project to $25 million.

So why is this such a cool thing?  These four locations will produce enough electricity to power 2,200 homes annually, and the energy produced will prevent over 13,000 tons of carbon from entering and harming the environment each year. What does that really look like? It’s the equivalent of removing around 3,300 cars from the road per year.

Want to know more about the Southeast Solar Farm Fund? Learn more about Cox Enterprises’ initiatives here.

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