Capital Care: Keeping Your New Business Afloat During The Difficult First Year


The first year of business is always the hardest. But if you can get through those difficult 12 months, there’s a good chance that yours will be one of the one in 10 new companies that see sustained success. While potential problems can come from a whole host of sources, the majority of them boil down to finances.

After all, it will take time for the venture to establish itself as a profitable venture that receives large sales figures. Therefore, taking even greater care of your capital in that first year is key. Here’s how you can do it in style.  

Get Funding:

 We’ve all seen the stories of entrepreneurs that made it big with minimal budgets. Even so, every new company needs a degree of capital behind it. Experts at can provide the support needed to access funds in the most suitable manner for your needs. Like it or not, money opens up doors. Until you have it, there’s little point in even starting the venture.

Reduce Waste:

 Business operations encounter many running expenses. But if you reduce them without lowering the quality of your output, the strain will become far less telling. Whether it’s finding cheaper insurance, delivery services, or energy bills doesn’t matter. Spending less money on those things will free up more cash for more important issues. Above all else, it maximizes profit margins to accelerate the growth of your business. This can only be great news for year one and beyond.

Empower Employees:

 Essentially, the key to early success lies with being able to utilize all assets to their full potential Even if you only hire a small number of staff members, those employees will always be the most important tool at your disposal. Keeping them happy and motivated is essential at all times. By squeezing more out of individuals, you’ll be able to keep staff numbers down. The direct and indirect impacts that this can bring are simply incredible. Best of all, it ensures the best possible customer experience.

Advertise Online:

 A business venture is nothing without successful marketing. After all, this is what will attract customers to the company, resulting in the sales that will generate cash. Then again, spending $50k to generate $40k of sales is counterproductive. Increased efficiency is the target, and digital marketing is the best way to achieve it. Learn about video marketing at When combined with strong SEO and social media ads, low-cost success is assured.  

Resist Exuberance:

 It’s only natural to have desires for growth and expansion. Still, if you can afford to operate from home or a small office, you should. Taking on unnecessarily grand facilities will drive the overheads up, which is pointless if there’s no reward. Besides, a little patience now will enable you to enjoy a far greater upgrade when that time comes. For the sake of the future, as well as the present, getting this right is a must.

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