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Whether you work in your home office or at your company’s busy inner-city HQ, it’s important that your space is a relaxing and supportive area for work. There should be no clutter, and every item of furniture and piece of equipment should be easy to access, no matter how many other people share your office. Do you feel like your office space could do with a bit of improvement to help boost your productivity? Here are some great tips that will help you detox your office with the power of Feng Shui!

Bring Energy Into The Office With Plants

Whenever we step outside into the fresh air, we always feel so much more rejuvenated compared to when we are stuck indoors. So, why not try and bring all this fresh energy into your office by adding lots of pot plants? Not only will they fill the room with lots of green energy, but they can also help to purify the air. Plus, they also add a nice pop of color to the room!

Make Sure Your Desk Is Well-Positioned

There are lots of desks that help promote a healthy posture, such as the interia system office desks, as this will prevent any back and neck ache. But did you know that, as well as improving your physical health, putting your desk in the right position can also help your own energy flow? This is one reason why you should try and place your desk in the power position. This is a position as far from the entrance as possible that allows you to see the door and the rest of the office.

Be Mindful Of Your Artwork

You will no doubt want to fill your office with plenty of colorful artwork to try and brighten the place up a bit. And that is perfectly fine! You just need to make sure that you choose the right art. The rules of Feng Shui dictate that you need to pick artworks that inspire you and fill you with confidence. They should also stoke up your creativity. Most people find that nature scenes are able to inspire creativity and confidence, but you might find you are drawn to different styles of art.

Go For Feng Shui Colors And Shades

The colors and shades you use in your office decor can also affect its overall Feng Shui. Many experts believe that color can greatly affect our mental state, so it is important that you choose ones that can help raise your productivity and motivation levels. Ideally, they should be warm colors that aren’t too bold and overbearing. So, you might want to choose earth shades, warm oranges, and pale yellows. Some people find that white walls can help them to focus on their work.

Once you put these tips into practice, you will find that adding some Feng Shui can seriously help you improve your workspace. Just remember that the name of the game is to create an environment and atmosphere that promotes productivity!

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