How To Improve Your Confidence And Find Your Inner Lady Boss

Lady Boss

Sometimes it can be hard to find your confidence. For various reasons, many of us spend a lot of our lives feeling as though we simply aren’t good enough. That’s hard enough when we’re kids, but when we grow up and get jobs and become adults, it turns into an even more problematic situation as it can severely affect our careers and love lives. Here are a few tips that might help you improve your confidence to become the best possible version of yourself.

Learn A Skill

There’s nothing that makes you feel better than being good at something – or even getting better at it. Pick something that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do – you could learn guitar, you could try out creative writing, you could go to a painting class, you could try out roller derby – and go for it. Although it might be intimidating at first to try something new, it’s important to remember that everyone started from the beginning at one point – and the confidence you feel as you improve will make its way into the rest of your life too.

Get A Makeover

Okay, so no one’s expecting you to take off your glasses and shake out your hair and turn into a She’s All That style natural beauty – but you can get your hair cut, ask a makeup artist for some recommendations at your local beauty counter, and get rid of those greying shirts that you’ve been wearing for way too long. Feeling good about the way you look will make you happier about putting yourself out there. As well as a chic hair cut you might also want to consider a pair of designer, no glare glasses. You will feel strong, confident and powerful as soon as you step into the workplace when you’re wearing glasses. Instead of worrying about contact lenses, you can follow the latest trends and wear lovely lenses every single day!

Try Out Acting

There are very few things that are more frightening than standing up in front of people – but pretending to be someone else is a lot easier than being yourself. Taking acting classes will benefit you for a huge amount of reasons. Not only will you learn more about theatre, its history and a lot of really magnificent plays, but you’ll also get to know some interesting and confident people as well as learning to project your voice so that you find it physically easier to speak up.

Do One Thing Every Day…

We’ve all heard the ‘Do one thing every day that scares you’ phrase and honestly it’s one that you should live your life by. Whether it’s talking to the person standing next to you in the line at the coffee shop or asking your boss for a raise, it’s a good idea to do one slightly frightening thing every day – that will make the more frightening things a whole lot more bearable.

Fake It Til You Make It

Finally, faking it might not work in all areas of your life but it certainly does here. If you’re worried or nervous, slapping a smile on your face and walking up to someone to introduce yourself will work wonders to make you feel better. A lot of the people who seem effortlessly confident are actually people who are quaking inside – make yourself one of the brave ones.

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