Brains, Business, and Brews – How Pub Trivia is a Great Way to Build Trusting Relationships


Pub trivia is one of the best collaborative events for pub owners. They offer many benefits, such as elevated collaboration and improved communication. Hosting these events at your pub might look like something small, but you stand to reap more from them than you might think.

Pub trivia plays a role in helping your employees to get out of their normal roles. They work collaboratively in a comfortable setting. As they play, they build different soft skills that are essential in the daily running of your pub.

In addition, you can also host pub trivia for your clients. This is one of the best ways to promote your pub and connect with your clients. The ultimate goal of pub trivia should be to improve and help your pub make profits.

Running Pub Trivia

Running pub trivia is not as straightforward as some pub owners might think. This is because you need to take care of things, such as prizes, marketing, host, questions, equipment, and the venue (your pub).

In addition, you should also make sure that you have quality beer to attract your customers. Brewery management is essential for you if you want brews that sell themselves. Fortunately, you can achieve this if you take control of your brewery with Ollie’s solution.

There is more to running a successful trivia for your employees and clients. However, these are the essential things you need to take care of. You might also need to think about question categories, relevant questions, and decorations if running a themed pub trivia.

Here are a few benefits of pub trivia for employees, customers, and other businesses;

Problem-Solving Skills

One of the rules of pub trivia is that participants are not allowed to use their mobile phones. This is because they can cheat by checking up on answers. This ensures that the participants, whether your employees or customers, will discuss the answers.

Pub trivia encourages team building through these discussions. The participants use their teamwork and problem-solving skills to come up with different answers and eliminate those that they think are wrong.

They need this for their day-to-day jobs in their workplaces. They have to work together to ensure that business problems are solved. Apart from helping your employees improve their problem-solving skills, you are also helping employees from other businesses.

Promotes Teamwork

One way of making your employees or customers bond is through pub trivia. Bonding promotes teamwork. However, you have to make sure that you have posed your questions in a way that forces the participants to break them down into different parts.

After that, they (participants) are supposed to look for relevant hints and then work together towards getting the right answer. In addition, you should avoid simple questions where some participants might know the answers immediately.

A well-organized pub trivia should make the participants think. If a particular participant is well versed in a certain field compared to others, they can work together to provide an answer. This is a great way of creating a better workplace culture.

Promotes Trust

Pub trivia requires trust between the participants. For instance, when a question is asked, the participants trust each other and settle on an answer together. They also trust one of their teammates to write and deliver the answer on time.

In addition, since a participant cannot be good in all categories, they trust other participants who are good in those categories. Even though they are expected to work together to get an answer, they know that a teammate is better in that particular category.

If, for instance, a teammate excuses themselves to go to the restroom, they trust that the trivia community they have built in the pub will take care of their drinks even in their absence. Trust is essential when running a business, and pub trivia can help participants learn how to trust their colleagues, managers, and employers.

Helps Improve Communication Skills

Communication is an essential skill in the business world. Even though you might find communication classes online, you can also use pub trivia to improve the communication skills of your employees and customers.

For instance, if you have a brewmaster participating in trivia with a bar lady, you are reducing any barriers to communication between them. The bar lady will not find it difficult to chat with the brewmaster if a customer complains about a particular beer.

But how can this help other businesses? Well, running pub trivia for your customers also boosts their communication skills. They need this soft skill when working for their employers.

Pub trivia is an important event that can help improve some soft skills of your employees and customers. Apart from improving your pub through trivia, you will also be helping other businesses by improving the soft skills of your customers. This way, you can use pub trivia to build trusting relationships.

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