A Bag For Life Will Last Longer Than A Thousand Facebook Ads

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There has been an undeniable shift in paradigms when it comes to marketing strategies. Not even the President Fake News could dispute that (although he would probably try). But while Facebook adverts, Google Adwords, Twitter and email campaigns have taken over the world of brand-spreading, to ignore the power of offline marketing would be about as foolish as, well, Donald Trump.

It’s like we alluded in the title; a Facebook ad has a lifespan of thirty-eight minutes, while a branded bag for life tends to last a lot longer, as the name would suggest.

As such, your best bet when it comes to getting your brand in front of potential clients and customers is to combine the forces of good and awesome to generate more leads and sales than you thought possible.

They may be considered to be “old-school” marketing tactics, but below are a list of strategies that have proven to stand the test of time and, better yet, generate interest from consumers across the spectrum.

Go Guerrilla With Your Business Cards

All too often, people save their business cards for the right people. They wait until they attend networking events and then hand them out once they’ve finished talking to someone they believe to be a possible lead. But business cards hold so much more power than this. As you can read more about at entrepreneur.com/article/226721, business cards are a cost effective marketing tool that will always wind up in the right person’s hand. That is why you should pin them to public notice-boards, pop them into magazines at your local doctor’s surgery, tell your local library they are bookmarks and throw them down the stairwell of a shopping center like invites to a sorority party.

Make Merchandise That Gets Everywhere

Forget what people say, merchandise has a way of lasting for eternity, consistently making an impression for that entire time. Your job is to make sure your logo gets everywhere it possibly can. Get yourself into offices of every kind with branded coffee mugs and oddly-shaped USB drives, like the ones at dynamicgift.ca/usb-flash-drives. Get into schools by branding fidget spinners, and into parks through the medium of branded water bottles, vests and t-shirts. Get yourself seen at the beach with branded caps and hats, and get yourself seen by the crowds at an airport with branded bags, fanny-packs, luggage tags and toiletry cases. These things may get labelled as junk, but they always get used. Period.

Become A Big Part Of The Local Community

Your local community poses a fantastic opportunity to grab some loyal customers because you have the chance to create a personal bond with the people that are closest to you and your business. It could be that you offer your products or services at a church fete. You could supply the medals at the local school sports day, branding the lanyards upon which those glorious medals dangle. It could be you get your company involved in a charity bike ride or fun run, raising money for a fantastic cause with the bonus of boosting your relationship. You could even sponsor the local “Boris Bikes” or the girl’s rugby team in your area.

All of these are great examples of how you can boost your exposure using strategies that last far longer than any social media campaign can. So, just imagine how amazing your marketing could become if you joined the forces of offline and online. You would become unstoppable.

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