Your Midheaven Sign: The Trick To Boost Your Professional Life

Midheaven Sign

Knock, knock! It’s time to pay attention to your midheaven sign!

Astrology practitioners and enthusiasts harp on and on about rising signs becoming a huge factor in how we present ourselves to the world and how people perceive us. While this is completely true, there’s another placement in your natal chart that significantly influences your public persona and may improve your career path.

And that’s the sign where your Midheaven sits.

Midheaven Sign on Birth Chart

What is the Midheaven Sign?

The Midheaven is one of the four major angles in a birth chart, usually found at the apex of the natal chart wheel and pointing Southward. If you have your natal chart saved (of course you do!), you’ll see a symbol that says “MC” which stands for “Medium Coeli” – a fancy way of saying Midheaven sign, but it literally just translates to “middle of the sky.”

Most of the time, the Midheaven sign sits right at the cusp of the 10th house, and if you’re a total astrology nerd (like all hot people), you’ll know that the 10th house represents the house of social status. It’s about your social standing in group settings, the community, and your career.

The big MC is found at the highest point of your chart. It represents your career path, ambitions, aspirations, life path, and the public’s perception of who you are. While a lot of people confuse the Midheaven with one’s ascendant or rising sign, the Midheaven actually rules your persona on a more expanded or larger scale.

Okay, so, what does my Midheaven say about me?”

Natal Chart - MIdheaven Sign

How to Find Your Midheaven Sign & What It Means

If you find your Midheaven Sign and learn what it actually means, it can significantly change the trajectory of your life. Following the natural strengths of the sign that your Midheaven sits on will help you make leaps and bounds when it comes to how you move about in the professional world.

So, if you’re yet to be acquainted with Miss MC, use our birth chart generator and input your birth date, birthplace, and birth time. Once that’s done, come back to this article, and let’s go down the rabbit hole. (But keep your birth chart open so you can reference it!)

Midheaven in Aries

If you’re a drink, you’d be a Red Bull because people with Aries Midheavens thrive in fast-paced environments and professions. You’re a great initiator and would stop at nothing until your projects and ideas are translated into reality. This makes you a great entrepreneur, paramedic, firefighter, detective, or journalist.

Midheaven in Taurus

A Venusian sign, you can expect that Taurus Midheavens come alive in professions that allow them to have and a taste of comfort, creativity, elegance, luxury, and beauty. Most compatible career for Taurus MC babies? Art museum curators, photographers, banker, musician, and interior designer.

Midheaven in Gemini

Ahhh, when you think about Geminis, you’ll most likely think about their versatility, adaptability, charisma, and wit. The dynamic nature of Gemini makes Gemini Midheavens perfect for jobs that require network-building and interacting with other people, such as sales, marketing, teaching, politics, and public relations.

Midheaven in Cancer

Cancer Midheavens are naturally compassionate, emotionally intelligent, and nurturing. Most Cancers have the ability to make people drop their guard and show vulnerability. For this reason, people with Cancer Midheavens become notable health workers, therapists, social workers, teachers, songwriters, and novelists.

Midheaven in Leo

Leo Midheavens are comfortable in careers that require them to be in the spotlight. As a sign ruled by the Sun, shining, inspiring, and making a difference in the public eye is what draws Leo Midheavens in. That being said, Leo Midheavens do great in careers involving public relations, acting, fashion modeling, social media, and lawyering.

Midheaven in Virgo

Nothing escapes the sharp gaze of a Virgo Midheaven. Their attention to detail and organization skills are unmatched and they often thrive in managerial positions and careers that require some sort of nit-picking, such as jobs in the field of architecture, engineering, personal finance, editorial work, medicine, and dentistry.

Midheaven in Libra

If the question posed is “who’s got the best reputation,” the answer is Libra. Represented by the scales of justice, Libra Midheavens are amazing at keeping a balance between their profession and personal life. They are naturally drawn towards careers that require logical thinking, such as professions in law, politics, diplomacy, and customer service.

Midheaven in Scorpio

Scorpio Midheavens are known for their grit and fearlessness. They do not shy away from the ugly, dark side of life that most signs are afraid to explore. Scorpio Midheavens are excellent at reading people and putting scattered information together into a cohesive picture. For this reason, Midheaven Scorpios do well as psychologists, forensic investigators, researchers, therapists, detectives, and psychologists.

Midheaven in Sagittarius

An adventurer at heart, Sagittarius Midheavens seek a life that allows them to express and explore without the constraints of professional expectations and office nonsense. In other words, Sagittarius Midheavens require a lot of mental stimulation, new interactions, and travel opportunities. For this reason, a person with a Midheaven in Sagittarius is most likely drawn toward a career in travel consultation, goods importation/exportation, diplomacy, foreign relations, and airline services.

Midheaven in Capricorn

Capricorns work hard for their money and have no problem with hierarchies and societal structures. Capricorns always give 100% to what they do, and they make it seem effortless. So, as a Capricorn Midheaven, you might appreciate professions that require honest hard work with high rewards, such as CEO, manager, doctor, banker, and lawyer.

Midheaven in Aquarius

Aquarius Midheavens are the eccentric bunch of the professional pool. They are naturally independent and out-of-the-box thinkers who want to feel like they’re making a difference in the world. Most of the time, Aquarius Midheavens flourish in careers involving technology, science, astronomy, astrology, politics, law, and mathematics.

Midheaven in Pisces

Midheaven in Pisces, your head is in the clouds, and that’s a good thing! Pisces Midheavens’ creativity, imagination and intuition are much needed in an oversaturated and almost jaded professional world. For this reason, Pisces Midheavens make the most remarkable screenwriters, poets, playwrights, counselors, creative directors, and motivational coaches.

Whichever sign your Midheaven Sign floats, when you start to design your life according to that sign’s strengths and improve on its weaknesses as well, it’s just a matter of time before it starts to boost your public image and professional life.

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