5 Reasons to Love (And How to Style) the Mina & Vine Scarf

As an entrepreneur, I celebrate innovation and creative thinking. The learning never ends and whether I’m researching an API or holiday gift wrapping I’m always up for experiencing the latest and greatest. So, when fellow female founder, Anita Rajendra, asked me to partner with her on the creation of a multifunctional scarf for nursing mothers, I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate. Having a background in design and sewing but also loving to accessorize this was the perfect fit.

But, where does one even start when developing an idea? We first focused our attention on interviewing potential customers to identify to the common complaints of current nursing covers on the market. After months of collecting data, sketching, making over 30 prototypes, testing, testing and more testing, we had a winner. Our design is not only practical for the breastfeeding mama but also a fantastic accessory for the stylish woman at any stage in life.

So, without further ado I would like to introduce you all to my latest obsession; the patent pending, multifunctional Mina & Vine Scarf. It is the first and only nursing scarf with a quick and easy magnetic closure and made with fabric scientifically proven to keep you up to two degrees cooler. But, the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. The scarf can also be used as a carrier, stroller, carrier cover and blanket. Oh, and did I mentions it’s super cute and can be styled as a poncho, vest, scarf, shawl and more?! How’s that for innovative? Check out my 5 reasons to love this scarf and learn more at www.MinaAndVine.com.

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