Female Founded BashBLOK Makes Event Planning a Piece of Cake

BashBLOK is streamlining the event planning process by creating a single destination to better plan and manage any event from birthday parties to the black-tie wedding.

BashBLOK, a female-founded web application to efficiently plan and manage events, has officially launch. From birthday parties to black-tie weddings, the app offers an intuitive user experience to seamlessly organize details and execute any bash.

Founder Brittany Garman believes planning an event should be just as fun as the celebration itself. As a frequent event host and co-host, Garman repeatedly encountered the same frustrations, keeping track of critical details across a plethora of party-planning channels while trying to effectively communicate with fellow co-hosts. She designed the app to ease the planning process, by combining social convenience, idea sharing and practical management tools such as task and budget tracking to help users stay organized and save time. BashBLOK can be customized to suit the needs and planning style of any users, whether he/she be a professional or layman.


“I absolutely believe this app is a revolutionary tool for party planning,” says Danielle Cohen, an avid Atlanta-based event organizer. “As someone who chairs, plans and hosts the gamut of events, including non- profit fundraisers, casual parties, formal celebrations, baby and bridal showers and much more, I have found BashBLOK to be a simple way to coordinate details, communicate with others involved in the process, keep track of budgets and organize ideas. I endorse this app wholeheartedly and recommend it to anyone hosting any type of event.”

Where BashBLOK fits
This app is for any party planner, layman or professional, who seeks an effective way to plan and manage any event. With an inundation of countless details and information scattered in multiple outlets including spreadsheets, online platforms, magazine clippings, and emails, BashBLOK helps planners avoid the overwhelming burden of organizing all the details and puts the enjoyment back into the celebration. Recognizing the challenges in event planning, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brittany Garman was determined to create a web-based application for efficient planning with collaborative capabilities.

“BashBLOK was inspired by personal struggles with planning events,” Garman says. “I consistently ran into the same issues: a breakdown in communication and using multiple applications to solve problems. Living at a distance from friends and family or not knowing some co-hosts often made co-planning quite a challenge. BashBLOK creates a single destination to collaborate, share ideas and not only plan but manage any event.”

About BashBLOK
Founded in Atlanta, Georgia BashBLOK is a web application designed to make event planning a piece of cake. By combining social convenience, idea sharing and practical management tools, BashBLOK is streamlining the planning process to put the fun back into hosting events. BashBLOK is the easiest and most collaborative way to make any bash a smash from birthday parties to black-tie weddings. For more information, please visit BashBLOK.

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