Bridget Aileen Sicsko: CEO of Exalted Publishing House

When I learned about Exalted Publishing’s newest project Success Codes – I knew I had to be involved.  For so long success, has been described as purely financial gain. So the opportunity to collaborate with other powerful women to redefine what being a successful person means was not an opportunity I could pass up. 

Success Codes hit the Amazon Best Seller List in 5 countries on its first day, because we are in a society that is desperate for a reprieve from old ways of thinking. I had the privilege of interviewing the CEO of Exalted Publishing, Bridget Aileen Sicsko, on what drove her to create her female-centric publishing firm and on what redefining success means to her.

Check out my interview with her below.

Our Interview with Bridget Aileen Sicsko: CEO of Exalted Publishing House

When did you found Exalted Publishing and what made you decide to go this route with your own works?

Exalted Publishing was born in January of 2021. I felt this deep need to share women’s stories on bigger stages and on a more global scale. For years, I had been hosting women’s circles, facilitating workshops, coaching programs and masterminds, and mostly using social media to share my incredible clients.

In the past 18 months or so, something became more and more clear; I wanted to share empowering stories of hope, empowerment, authenticity, and purpose at a time filled with much darkness, challenge, and uncertainty.

With your first book on creating Legacies, what made you want to publish a book on how to redefine success for your second book? On that note why DO you think success needs a new definition?

The mission of Exalted Publishing House is to shift the way we see ourselves, our lives, and reality. After the passing of my aunt in August 2020, I thought deeply about life and our little blip of time spent on the planet. I wanted to share meaningful stories that invited us all to reflect on our own lives.

Interesting shift to speaking about success right? Success is a topic that is deeply embedded into our culture, our programming, and our upbringing. I wanted to hear stories on different ways of doing, being, living – beyond what we’ve been taught in school.

After my dad, who is a highly successful entrepreneur, spent many nights in the hospital a few years ago; I thought to myself, “Wow, what is money without health?” And then my thoughts went deeper.

“What is money without purpose? What is money without appreciating ourselves, our bodies, our flaws, our beauty? What is life truly without fulfillment, quality relationships, and spending our time actually doing things we enjoy?”

I believe success deserves a more comprehensive and holistic definition to truly honor humanity. I desire money and love money however, we left some important aspects out of the equation – health, values, family, relationships, purpose, enjoyment, and the journey of “inner success”.

How did you decide on the authors for Success Codes?

I love bringing together authors from all different backgrounds, perspectives, and journeys as I believe the true indicator of a healthy community relies on differences and the ability to see things from different perspectives.

The authors of this book all had one thing in common though; they felt a deep need to share their story, redefine success and do so in the community. They were also willing to be seen for their stories which requires a good deal of courage and this container allowed them to see that within themselves.

With such diverse women from Shamanic Healers to Boudoir Photographers (ME!) to C-Suite Executives – did you notice a recurring theme that was obvious in the stories the women shared?

You know what is SO funny, I didn’t realize the central theme would be so obvious throughout each story. Reading the book prior to publication, I couldn’t help but smile (and cry!) at the beauty of this golden thread throughout the book.

I actually love this because I see it as a greater metaphor for this world. We all come from different backgrounds, religions, races, genders, beliefs; but is it possible that we can all agree on the central tenets of love, compassion, respect, and understanding?

Now the big question – How do YOU define success, Bridget?

This book project for me personally has been a rather cathartic and healing experience. It’s as if as soon as I said “yes” to this book project idea, I was thrown face to face with my own beliefs of success.

At this moment, I would define success as a current or frequency that we all have access to regardless of money, status, and experience. It’s an inner condition that is unwavering once we can realize that all outside circumstances do not define us.

Success Codes

Success Codes, Secrets To Success You Weren’t Taught In School helps to answer the question, “What really is success”?

To many, it’s defined as having luxury cars, an expensive home, and a nice, 6-figure salary.

To others, it might look like having a laundry list of certifications, awards, and letters in front of their name.

This book explores the themes of internal success, authenticity, inner happiness, joy, challenges, and embracing our unique nature.

Written by 22 female leaders, visionaries, and business owners, Success Codes redefines success as we know it and offers some inspiring, provoking, and moving stories along the way.

If you are a seeker of inspiration, thinking of leaving the corporate world, on a quest to find the meaning of life, a lover of stories, or sick of society’s expectations and norms, this book is for you.”

Check out each Author’s favorite quote from their chapter below:

“It’s easy to throw authenticity around like a buzzword without understanding what it implies and how it’s put into practice. We can add dimension to it with four concepts: awareness, intuition, vulnerability, and connection. While there is no blueprint for living on your own terms, these are guiding principles that can help you discover what that looks like for you.” – Anouare Abdou

“In our modern way of doing things, we have lost sight of our interconnectedness to every aspect of existence. We have forgotten how integral our presence is in guiding forward a more aligned way of being, one which allows us to walk in ayni, in right relationship with all of life, uniquely expressing our individuality, while honoring our unity and connection to each other. When we recognize that we are each unique musical notes, and that as we come together in harmony, we create a masterpiece in the greatest symphony ever written, with each of us having a significant place in this orchestra we call life. If just one of us is missing, then the rest of this creation cannot reach its full potential.” ~ Ashley Gene Pinkerton

“All of the things that you’ve been told are your flaws and weaknesses over the years are actually your greatest gifts in disguise. When you deny these, it doesn’t matter how outwardly successful you become – it won’t mean a thing if you’re out of integrity with yourself.” OR “Reconnecting with and reclaiming the parts of me that I’d abandoned and denied ARE my personal success codes, and they can be for you too.” – Carly Ferguson

“Success to me, is found in the wild, in connecting to the wild nature that society has forbidden, shamed and locked away. This kind of Wild will radically transform you, push you through all your fears and will set your life on fire, putting you into flow with your own soul’s purpose.” – Chantel Porter

“Success to me has no timelines, rules, or limits because if you’re living your truth, you are the only one who can determine what that looks like. Find freedom and expansion when you let go of the external factors and follow your inner compass.” -Danielle Moore

“Embodied success is a path of inner freedom, outer expansion, and service in creating a bridge between Heaven and Earth.” – Diana Poulson

“Success on paper is very different to success that fulfills you. Feeling successful on the inside is so much more important than looking successful from the outside.” ~ Dina Behrma

“​​Being self-responsible means, you choose to take your destiny into your own hands. You start to act rapidly towards your goals, and you’re able to make quick decisions (because you know you can change them back or work them out). You become the heroine of your life instead of its’s victim. It can be a little uncomfortable to acknowledge the fact that wherever there is a problem in your life, you’re also there! Yet, you can always choose how to perceive the situation and take aligned action on it. You are the alchemist! You can turn those lower frequencies, feelings, experiences into pure gold.” – Friederike Sadhana Von Benten

“Over the course of my career, I have worked with thousands of leaders and have come to realize that success is an inside job.  In my experience, many of the people who are viewed as extremely successful are not actually happy or fulfilled in their relationship with themselves, until they have found success in their heart and soul.” – Jeannie Moravits Smith

“Success is collective and accessible if we are the definers of it.  My success is wrapped up in your success, and yours in mine, so let’s be successFULL together!” – Jess Hoeper

“You have a brilliant mind that wants to unfold infinite possibilities to you so you can be successful. Let the success come from within you.” – Jocelyn Chong

“If you truly want to be successful, find your happiness first. It must come from within.” – Kelly Tan

“Here we are back at this word ‘power’, which is so beautifully linked with success. When you access your own internal power through ongoing commitment to the present moment, you begin to interact differently with the world.” – Kristi Hrivnak

“Remember when you learn to face your fears and traverse the obstacles between you and what you want, you will see yourself in a new beautiful light of your own creation and realize there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you.” – Lindsay Rae D’Ottavio

“My success has been learning to use my voice and being open to Love.” – Mariko Brenner

“Always follow your dreams and place positive intentions and thoughts into all you do. The ripples and waves of energy and sound will carry you to amazing places”-Tatianna . “ I want to help others to see that the social norms that have kept us boxed in for so many generations are what is holding us back from reaching our true potential.” – Natalie Lowry

“When intuition is lost in the world, Does worry and pain create a danger and demise. The joy in the heart is allowing, Your life not to be built upon fictitious games and lies.”  – Poonam Mandalia

“We need to look inward. Success is an inner job. We have to ask ourselves: “Who am I? And why am I here? How can I serve this planet with my gifts?” We as humans are not here by chance!” – Siobhán Phoenix

“To be guided back into your womb as a portal for success is to be led into a safe haven of truth and intuitive guidance” – Sofiya Mariya

“We all hold gifts and talents that are unique to us, like coded medicine and sacred geometries through which we activate and ignite others on their path. It is so vital to understand that these gifts are not to be kept for self or hidden from the world. They are to be shared, widely!” – Stephanie C Koehler

“Always follow your dreams and place positive intentions and thoughts into all you do. The ripples and waves of energy and sound will carry you to amazing places.” – Tatianna Michalak

Finally, where can our readers follow you, and what is next for Exalted Publishing?

They can connect with me on Instagram @blissfulbridget and find out more information about upcoming book projects on my website – And be sure to check out Success Codes: Secrets to Success You Weren’t Taught In School, now available on Amazon!

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