5 Essentials You’ll Need to Achieve a Chic Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Scandinavian bedroom design combines some of the most coveted decorative elements: it’s sleek, simple, and most importantly, it’s the definition of cozy. That’s no surprise because Scandinavia is the land of hygge (pronounced hue-gah). While hygge is a Danish word that encompasses a feeling of extraordinary coziness, there’s no denying that our sleeping spaces could also benefit from the concept.

A Scandinavian bedroom design is fairly easy to achieve, regardless of whether you live in a cramped studio apartment or have a large master bedroom.

The Scandinavian design style emerged in the 1950s, around the same time as minimalism, so the two styles share some similarities. But while minimalism focuses heavily on functionality, the modern Scandinavian style is softer and tries to achieve a more lived-in look.

When it comes to creating the perfect Scandinavian bedroom design, you really only need a handful of essentials, such as a cozy weighted blanket for cold nights, a clean color palette, and wooden accent pieces. Here are some of our top bedroom design ideas for achieving an effortlessly chic Scandinavian-inspired style.

Clean Color Palette

The key to capturing the essence of Scandinavian bedroom design is all in the color palette. Typically, the Scandinavian color palette is limited and mainly includes neutrals.

Some popular colors include white, black, gray, beige, and soft pastels, but white is perhaps the most common choice, simply because it reflects the most light. If you’re working with a smaller space, white is also the best option to make your space feel large and airy. You can also combine neutrals in varying shades to add a little more interest.

When incorporating colors, muted tones are a Scandi favorite. Bright colors are rarely used as part of Scandinavian bedroom decor, even in accent pieces. But even though the color palette might not be extensive, don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and patterns.

Get Cozy  

Your bed is the focal point of your room and perhaps the easiest place to add cozy elements. Layering blankets and throw pillows is one way to make your bed look ultra-luxurious, but if you want to achieve the same feeling, then try a weighted blanket.

One of the many weighted blanket benefits is that it promotes relaxation and mimics a hug. To ensure you don’t overheat on warmer nights, opt for a cool weighted blanket that’ll provide the same deep touch pressure stimulation while still being comfortable for use.

But a weighted blanket can only do so much. To ensure your bedroom is optimized for comfort, it’s important not to neglect your mattress. If you’ve had the same one for eight years, then it’s time for a swap. Consider investing in the best memory foam mattress for maximum coziness. Memory foam contours perfectly to your body to give you the best night’s sleep. These mattresses are also designed to alleviate aches and pains so that you wake up feeling more refreshed and relaxed.

Lots of Lights  

Winter months in Scandinavian countries are characterized by short days and long nights, so it might be easy to understand why every Scandinavian bedroom design emphasizes ample lighting.

When it comes to lighting, finding ways to let in natural light is as important as finding elegant lighting fixtures that work well with your room. One way to ensure you let in enough light into your room is by forgoing any window treatments. Most Scandinavian homes leave their windows bare, but if you do want to give your bedroom some privacy with the addition of curtains, make sure to pick a neutral color in a linen or sheer finish.

In addition to lamps and string lighting, you can also add candles to bring about some warmth in your room. After all, nothing says cozy like lighting a few of your favorite scented candles and unwinding in your room with a good book.

Wooden Accents

Scandinavian bedroom design utilizes natural materials, and wooden pieces are a popular choice for that reason.

Most Scandinavian homes will even have hardwood floors in a lighter finish, but if you can’t afford to redo your flooring, don’t fret. You can still incorporate wooden accents into your bedroom by introducing a wooden bedside table, shelves, or even a bed frame.

If you want to prevent your room from looking too rustic, balance the wooden accent pieces with understated metallic elements, such as a gold-plated pendant light.

Bring Nature Indoors

Scandinavian interior design is often inspired by nature and finds creative ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Plants are an easy way to elevate any space with a burst of freshness, and Scandinavian bedroom design welcomes this. But in addition to indoor plants, consider adding some fresh flowers. Since most Scandinavian bedrooms are primarily neutral, flowers are an easy way to bring about some color without overpowering the space.

When decorating your room with plants, remember not to overdo it. Scandinavian bedrooms aren’t meant to mimic the Amazon Rainforest, so don’t exceed a limit of four houseplants.

Following these bedroom ideas can certainly help you create a chic Scandinavian space, but it’s also important to take your own preferences into consideration. Draw inspiration from the Scandinavian design style, but focus on creating a space that feels true to who you are and incorporates high-quality essentials, such as a top-rated mattress and sturdy bedroom furniture.

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