How Can I Use a Degree in Graphic Design

You may wonder how you could parlay your interest in drawing and art into a career. Perhaps you considered earning a degree in graphic design. This degree choice provides you a plethora of opportunities!

Three key industries of use for a graphic design degree include digital marketing, art, and architecture. You might not have thought of most of those industries because people typically picture themselves making graphics for a magazine with this degree. You can do that, but you have so many more applications.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to much more than designing advertising, although that does comprise much of the work. You could put your graphic design degree to work designing websites or branding. While 64% of US small businesses have a website, that means 36 percent do not. That leaves a lot of room for growth. You could help other businesses launch their online presence to increase brand awareness and grow their revenue.

You could also put your design to work for you filming videos for businesses and performing artists. It’s not all about videos on MTV2 or for major signed recording artists. Independent artists like those on Vimeo and Hideout TV also need professionally made videos. You might also enjoy working for a digital or print publication. This could be a local newspaper, a magazine, or a website like Huffington Post.


While architects design homes and additions, a graphic designer creates the architectural plans using architectural rendering software to create two- and three-dimensional architectural design images. This can include creating 3D models of building designs.

About 85% of US homes were constructed before 1980 and require renovations, remodeling, or other home improvements. You can use your graphic design degree to contribute to the improvement of residential developments throughout the country. You might also use your skills as a part of an urban planning firm that designs entire developments, including planned unit developments (PUD). These consist of mixed-use housing, community centers, recreational facilities, and commercial developments.


For the creative types who simply want to express their creativity, you can also use a graphic design degree to create digital art. The 2017 global art market valuation reached nearly $64 billion, making it a potentially lucrative option. You can harness your creative passions with a graphic design degree. You can create digital art for speculation purchase, or you can take on clients to create bespoke pieces that fit their needs and tastes.

You can also print your art to hang in galleries or sell at an auction or in art shows. If you prefer to keep your artwork digital, you can do so and market it to Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires by selling it on the blockchain. You can still get paid in dollars or yen, but cryptocurrency adds to your cache.

Your graphic design degree leaves you room to grow as an artist. You have many business applications available by entering the field of graphic design. You can combine your talent for art and ability with computers and a Wacom tablet in many ways. Since business and industry grow every year, new applications emerge constantly.

For example, 15 years ago, you could not have marketed artwork on a blockchain since they did not yet exist. Today, you can open a virtual art gallery on a blockchain. Whether you want to work for yourself or like the idea of having a reliable employer who provides ample fringe benefits, you have it with a graphic design degree. You can also find applications for it in the fields of medical technology, engineering, and sports. Start exploring your career options today.

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