7 Tips on Working From Home

Working from home

Working from home sounds like the perfect opportunity; flexibility, comfort, and no traffic–what more could you ask for? With the pros, come some cons, though. There are many challenges and distractions many people face when working from home.  Here are 7 tips that can help you stay on task, keep your focus, and manage your time.

1. Have a dedicated workspace in your home.

Create a specific space in your home that is strictly dedicated to your work. This can help you to stay organized, on top of tasks, and will keep you focused. This is the perfect way to make your “office” a comfortable space that works just for you!

2. Pretend you’re at the office–not at home.

If you pretend you are not at home during typical workday hours it can be extremely beneficial. One way to pretend you’re not home is by not answering your home phone or door. Not allowing guests (friends, family, salesmen, etc.) during work hours can cut out small talk that you would otherwise avoid at an office.

3. Start a morning routine.

If you are going into an office each morning, you more than likely have a specific routine. This should be the same when working from home, as well. Everyone’s morning routine is a little different, so find what works for you. Your routine should start with you waking up and end with you at your desk. So, get up, get dressed, make your coffee and get ready to work (from home)!

4. Make a list of what needs to get done and do it.

Something that can help you stay organized is to create a list first thing in the morning of all the tasks you need to complete that day. Not only will you know how much (or little) you have to do that day, but you’ll be able to see it all laid out and hopefully won’t forget anything.

5. Set a daily schedule and stick to it.

Working from home can often lead to overworking yourself. From time to time this does happen, but for your own mental health, it is important to have set hours and a daily schedule for your work. Time management and organization are important qualities to have when working from home. This will help you to complete your work in your specified allotted hours.

6. Check-in with your boss and co-workers throughout the day.

Stay in contact with your co-workers and boss consistently and check in multiple times a day. Although you are not physically in the office with them, keeping in contact will help everyone stay on the same page. This will also help you get more social interaction and not get cabin fever. There are many great communication tools such as Slack, Google Hangouts, and Trello.

7. Network online!

It is still important to network, even from the comfort of your own home. LinkedIn and Facebook groups related to your work, employer, and/or interests are great networking tools. Being an active member of these groups can help you to network far and wide.

Working from home will be a different experience for everyone and will come with different issues. Following these 7 tips can help you work from home in a comfortable, yet productive environment. If you’re getting your work done, then you can take advantage of all the perks and flexibility that come with working from home.

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Alyson Pittman is a contributing writer for WBD and a JR marketing associate for Excite Creative Studios, an Atlanta-based creative agency.

Alyson graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. She was in multiple organizations at KSU where she held leadership positions. As a part of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Alyson held the Social Coordinator position and planned/promoted large events.


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