7 Best Co-Working Offices for Women

Whether you are a female business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, or spend most of your days working from home, you need a dedicated workspace. And while there are plenty of options of where to work, like coffee shops or your living room, these aren’t always the best places to get things done.

Working from home sometimes allows you to get too comfortable or start doing other things, like laundry (We’ve all been there). Going to a coffee shop each day just isn’t logical. It’s loud, crowded, and not always reliable. 

Need another option? We have one. Co-working offices. What are these exactly? Co-working spaces are shared workspaces or offices that usually offer shared spaces and private rooms. Typically, you will pay an annual or monthly fee to use these spaces. 

Co-working has become increasingly popular in the last decade, with spaces like WeWork, Industrious, and Spaces opening up all over the country. Not to mention all the local independent options you have for workspace as well. For example in Atlanta, you also have Atlanta Tech Village, Roam, Switchyards Downtown Club, and countless others.

With so many options, there’s something for everyone. But the ones that really grabbed our attention were the co-working offices for women. They come with some lovely, exclusive amenities! And it’s also an incredible opportunity to network with like-minded women.

We’ve put together a list of our picks for the seven best co-working offices for women. We hope one of these will be nearby and will fit your needs! 

Our Top Picks for Best Co-Working Offices for Women

The Lola

The Lola was founded to bring women together in a safe, motivational environment where women can come together to work and create. 

There are quiet areas to get work done, plus conference rooms for when you have a group or need to have a meeting. Aside from the common workspaces, there is also a bar/café, a mother’s area, a screening/theater area, a beauty room with six vanity stations, and even a podcast room. 

You can really do everything from this space. And if you’re looking for networking opportunities and a way to meet other female entrepreneurs, they also host events and mixers for members!

The Lola in Atlanta, GA
The Lola in Atlanta, GA / Photo Credit: The Lola’s Facebook Page

The Wing

The Wing has various locations across the globe and is continuing to expand. Each space is unique yet still offers the same community feeling. Plus, they are all beautifully designed!

The Wing offers communal tables, private conference rooms, and work stations. Some bonus features include mother spaces – or lactation rooms, rooftop views, phone booths, showers and lockers, beauty rooms, in-house café’s, and so much more. Some offices even have fitness and wellness rooms!

They also have an app where members can speak to other members, connect, ask questions, and make new friends. The app also allows you to post and apply for jobs and send recommendations. It’s a great tool to connect and network.

The Wing in NYC
The Wing in NYC / Photo Credit: The Wing’s Facebook Page

Hera Hub

Hera Hub is actually the first international co-working office designed for women. The offices are inspired by spas, so work really can’t get much better.

Hera Hub offers females a space to work and connect with shared co-working offices for and private rooms. They also provide members with connections to business experts, events, educational workshops, and a community of women.

Hera Hub
Hera Hub / Photo Credit: Hera Hub’s Facebook Page

The Riveter

The Riveter has been opening up spaces all across the U.S. Each office is beautiful and creates a space for women to feel safe and ready to work.

The Riveter isn’t just a co-working space. Along with their flexible memberships, they also have events and programs. And members also get access to VC’s, financial, start-up, and small business experts. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

There are a couple of different memberships to choose from, so you can find one that works best for you. And although each space is different, they all offer private rooms, phone booths, mail service, mother’s rooms, conference rooms, 24-hour access, and much more.

The Riveter – Capitol Hill / Photo Credit: The Riveter’s Facebook Page

The Hivery 

The Hivery has two locations in San Francisco and offers a bright space to collaborate and co-work in a creative environment.

The office hosts regular events, mixers, workshops, education, mentorship, and more – offering you the opportunity to get to know like-minded women. There’s also a gorgeous little kitchen with coffee, phone booths, private rooms, and conference rooms. 

They have different memberships available to suit your needs. And if you aren’t sure yet, though, they do offer a free day pass!

The Hivery in San Francisco
The Hivery in San Francisco / Photo Credit: The Hivery’s Facebook Page

Make Lemonade 

Make Lemonade is a female co-working space in Toronto. The founders were tired of floating between coffee shops, being interrupted, and not always having somewhere to go.

“When life gives you lemons, Make Lemonade,” is their motto. Not to just turn sour situations sweet, but to “create something that will make life rich.” 

The space is bright and open to keep your mind running, plus it also has a coffee shop when you need something stronger than the brightness. To top it off, they have private phone booths, conference rooms, an outdoor patio, unlimited coffee, tea, and lemonade, and a lounge as well.

Co-Working Offices for Women - Make Lemonade in Toronto, CA
Make Lemonade in Toronto, CA / Photo Credit Make Lemonade’s Facebook Page


AllBright is a female co-working space in London and West Hollywood. And they also have reciprocal clubs they’ve partnered with all over the world for members to enjoy.

The club has several amenities for its members to indulge in on top of the workspace, desks, private rooms, etc. Those amenities include cinema rooms, restaurant & bar, private dining rooms, beauty and wellness salon, powder & bloom rooms, in-house art, and much more. 

Included in the membership is not only a place to work, but it also includes access to the events, intimate dinners, panels, workshops, book clubs, and exclusive member benefits.

Co-Working Offices for Women - Allbright in West Hollywood & London
Allbright in West Hollywood & London / Photo Credit: Allbright’s Facebook Page

Have you been to one of these 7 best co-working offices for women? Did we miss one that you love? We’d love to hear all about it! Let us know in the comments below.

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