From Online Shop To Brick-And-Mortar: Here’s How It’s Done

Brick-and-mortar Shop

Even though we are told that the Internet is the future of business, there are now more and more companies setting up brick-and-mortar shops where customers can go and buy their products in person. In fact, most companies that are now moving to real-life shops actually started off just online.

Do you think that expanding your business so that it also includes a physical shop is the right move for you now? Here are some steps that can make this move a big success.

Consider Location

When you open a physical shop, there is one issue that you will have to face that doesn’t come with online stores: location. You will have no doubt heard that people say location is everything, and that is entirely true. Ideally, your new shop should be in a location that gets a lot of passing trade because then people who are just passing by might wander in. Unfortunately, commercial property in these kinds of great locations often come with a high rental price. You will need to carefully look around different areas to see which offer an affordable, advantageous location.

Sort Out Amenities

Whether you are renting or buying a shop, you will still have to sort out your own amenities such as electricity, water, and heating. These are known as your overhead expenses and can really bump up your overall expenses involved in moving into a proper shop. It’s a good idea to also look into commercial generator installation when you are getting your new shop space ready as well. That’s because you can never tell when your shop might be hit by a power cut. Not having sufficient power could cause you to close and lose revenue. Having a generator will allow you to stay open, even if you end up completely disconnected from the main supply of electricity and gas.

Hire Some New Staff

There is no way you will be able to look after your new shop alongside your online store. You, therefore, need to hire a team of staff who can handle everything in your new shop. Ideally, you should hire a store manager and floor team who can deal with customers. Depending on the size of your operations, you might also benefit from hiring some dedicated back-office staff. Your staff can take care of the runnings of your whole business, such as HR and accounting.

Create A Buzz

If your online presence is well established you should use it to your advantage. Then you can create a buzz about the opening of your brick-and-mortar shop. After all, if you don’t create a buzz around the grand opening, no one will know that you are opening a shop. Of course this means less people are likely to show up. So make sure that you post about it on all your social media channels. It’s also a nice idea to start a social media competition to get more people sharing all of your posts about the opening!

Good luck with your brand new bricks-and-mortar shop!

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