Make a Mark When Branding Your New Product

When you design a new product, you need to think about branding it too. The brand of an individual product needs to fit in with the overall brand of your company, but that doesn’t mean that all of your products have to be the same. They can each feature their own personalities, especially if they have very different purposes. If you make beauty products, you don’t want a lipstick and a foundation to be presented in exactly the same way, even though they might be part of the same range and be connected in terms of brand. If you’re branding a product, these are some of the things you need to do.

Choosing the Right Name

One of the first things many people want to do for a new product is pick a name for it. It might not always be as difficult as naming your entire brand, but it can still be hard. It could still be a name that sticks around for a long time, especially if you make several more versions of it. However, it could also be a product that will no longer be for sale in a year’s time. You need to think about a name that suits your brand and that works for the product. Perhaps you want to name all your products on a theme. For example, many clothes retailers name dresses with women’s names.

Designing Packaging

The packaging for your product needs to look good, whether it will be sitting on a shelf or photographed for selling online. You might need to design containers or packaging made from various materials, as well as print labels you can apply. Consider both practicality and looks when you design packaging for your products. When you choose your labeling solutions, you also need to think about both design and labeling requirements. For example, you need to list ingredients for food products or beauty products. Make sure you know what you need to include on your labeling wherever you intend to sell your product.


Writing Product Text and Descriptions

In addition to important information like materials or ingredients, you will probably also want to include a product description of some kind on your label or packaging. When writing this text, you should think about your brand’s tone of voice. For example, take a look at the writing that features on drinks by Innocent, owned by the Coca-Cola Company. Everything on their packaging in on-brand, but each product also has its own personality.

Staying On-Brand for Your Company

Remember to keep your overall brand in mind when you think about branding individual products. You need to keep everything on-message, even if each product is a little different individually. You might choose to make some more different than others, especially if you create different product ranges or even want to come up with different labels under one brand. Whatever you do, it should connect to the main brand in some way.

Branding a new product should be something that you take some time to do. Don’t rush into it, and get feedback on the branding before releasing the product.

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