How to Make Your Business’ Website Stand Out

Nowadays, having a website for your business is a given. The internet is where most of your potential customers will turn when they’re searching for your goods or services, so having a good website is key to growing your business. If you want to make your website stand out from your competitors, keep in mind the following tips.

Make Your Branding Consistent

Branding helps users connect your product or service with all branches of your business. Building a cohesive brand gives the customer a great customer experience and improves recognition. Make sure to keep a consistent logo, font, color, and tagline. This will make your website look more professional.

To increase brand cohesion on your website establish internal brand guidelines. That way every employee working on or adding to your website follows the same branding. This connects your branding and builds customer recognition.

Ford’s signature blue oval logo was not introduced until 4 years after the company had already been in production. Once the logo was introduced it allowed customers to easily recognize any future products or material released by the ford company. Large brands have strong internal guidelines on how logos can be used. These guidelines include logo size, color, and background. Outlining these rules for your brand early on will make your website look more professional.

Add Personality

Make your brand stand out by using high-quality images and videos of your staff and customers. Avoid the use of stock images that are easily replicated by competitors. Using personality and showing potential customers what your brand is all about will make your brand more recognizable.

The cost to produce high-quality images and videos for your website is worth the investment. Take the time to plan out the media assets you need and hire a photographer to take high-quality images of your team and product or service. This will give customers a clear picture of your offering.

Images and video can be used on your social media accounts and in business assets like brochures to keep your brand consistent throughout your marketing materials.

Talk About What Sets You Apart

Think about what sets your business apart from the competition. Take the time to internally write out your unique selling feature in one simple sentence. Your business should be clear on what sets it apart, make sure this is clear on every page of your business website.

Most schools require their teachers to be licensed to teach. However, private schools value teachers who have degrees in their chosen subject. If the school that you’re building a website for has the typical 60 to 80% of private school teachers with an advanced degree, you should be sure to mention this. This is the unique selling feature of a private school and something that can easily be shared on their website. This clear selling proposition makes private schools stand out from public schools.

When creating your website use the scan method and scan titles and bolded text. Your unique selling feature should stand out on every page when scanning. Most users will not read your entire website.

Make it All About The Experience

Create your website for your customer, not for your business. Put the customer first and make the message easy to understand and easy to navigate. Avoid using puns or internal speak and make each page goal clear to the user.

Give the customer value. Don’t hide all of your product or service information behind an email sign-up. Give the customer what they are looking for and they will be more likely to trust your brand.

Make Sure Your Domain is Recognizable

Choose a domain that is easily spoken out loud. Don’t choose words that are difficult to spell or can be spelled in a few different ways. A difficult domain could cause users to visit a competitor or be unable to find your website.

Did you know Approximately 900,000 domains are registered per week? With so many domains being created every week it is important to sign up for your domain as soon as possible and make your website stand out from the crowd.

Your business is already unique, and you should make sure that your website reflects that. Adding in personalized touches and prioritizing customer experience can really help make sure that your website stands out from the crowd.

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